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Zucchini Greengrocers ltd exposed for frauding and duping suppliers in Nairobi

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Zucchini Greengrocers ltd, a company that has grown from a single employee to over five stores across Nairobi such as Junction mall, Village Market, Valley Arcade, Garden City, the Hub in Karen, and has employed over 200 employees has been exposed for play hide and seek, mouse and cat games with suppliers for goods worth millions.

Zucchini, is not your ordinary company. This is one company that boasts of working with farmers within Nairobi and surrounding areas, and supply big proprietors such as Java. Other than owning several outlets and eateries, Zucchini imports some of its goods from South Africa, Netherlands, Egypt and Spain. A good  percentage is locally acquired.

Zucchini majorly specializes in fresh juices, dairy products and bakery products in addition to the fruits and vegetables.

Sukhwinder Jandu, the owner of Zucchini Greengrocers limited has been exposed and described by Zucchini suppliers as a very cunning man who disguise himself as honest person yet deep inside him, a con who has subjected many suppliers moreso the young suppliers to untold misery.

It is said that if you dare question him on his social media handles, he blocks you and in worse case scenario threatens you through proxies. Jandu is said to be so connected that no police officer would dare him lest they lose their jobs.

Jandu of Zucchini greengrocers ltd

254News can authoritatively reveal that Mr Jandu has subjected so many young families to depression as they took loans to supply his Zucchini Greengrocers limited with different goods worth millions which has not been paid to date. Some of the goods were supplied two years ago.

The supplies were made at their branches located at ABC place, Village market among their other outlets. If a supplier put him under pressure, he pays like a quarter of the amount owed then hears none of it all.

It is a shame for Zucchini greengrocers ltd to make millions of shillings a day yet they don’t pay their suppliers. EACC, DPP and DCI should investigate this company, make arrests; and if possible, close down all Zucchini greengrocers’ outlets before forcing Jandu to clear all the debts he owes his suppliers.

Two families that supplied Zucchini greengrocers ltd early 2018 for goods worth over Ksh3.6 million, for example, are now facing auctioneers, other suppliers are struggling with huge loans to pay, and for others, their children have dropped out of school yet Jandu is not moved even an inch. All he does is lying to each supplier on how he is going to clear their debt end month which has never come to pass for several months.

Five different suppliers have confided to 254News that they have been taken round for several months now without any pay.

Jandu why do you push your suppliers to the edge with this tough economic times in Kenya? It is not only inhuman but also unacceptable, pay your suppliers.

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