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Xiaomi phones can now monitor heart rates thanks to its new camera feature; a revolutionary way to fight heart diseases globally

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There is this common response/expression uttered in the event that someone is on the receiving end of a scare; “you could have given me a heart attack!” Though the words are said lightly and probably in a frenzied high-pitched voice, statistics reveal that over 17.9 million people die every year as a result of heart attacks. As of last year, cardiovascular diseases were the leading cause of death globally.

Xiaomi awed the world this year on August 16th with its new product, the OLED transparent TV. The wonder was a cause of buzz as people around the world marveled at the delicate product showcasing images that seemed to be scaling the atmosphere. No one thought that the company had another mind blowing invention up its sleeve until the news release of its new camera feature that allows a person to monitor their own heart rate!

Xiaomi made the Mi Health app debut last year and since then people have been using it as the primary application to find all the information there is on health related issues.

Now the XDA developers recently announced that the v2.7.4 version of the app will be able to do so much more including the monitoring of a person’s heart rate. You must be thinking, surely they are using some sort of sensors or at least some sort of hardware for this? Well, no. This particular version is using nothing but the phone camera to monitor your heart rate, how ingenious is that?

Let’s see how exactly this feature works.

How to detect your heart rate with your phone camera

There is a reason parents insist on their children wearing a helmet and at times elbow pads when doing rough activities that might wind up giving the child a concussion or an infectious elbow scrap; prevention is better than cure.

Thing is, no one likes prevention if it involves complicated steps. Why learn how to make a vegetable smoothie for breakfast when you can eat left over grilled meat from supper?

Xiaomi phones can now monitor heart rates thanks to its new camera feature.

The good news about Xiaomi’s new feature is that it is so simple to maneuver through it. All you have to do is place your index finger on the camera lens, wait until the progress bar hits 100%, then clean the lens afterwards for future use. After that, select whether your ‘test’ was in General Status, Resting Status or an After Exercise Status. A report will be compiled afterwards revealing whether your heart rate was eerily slow, healthy normal or questionably fast.

When this data is collected over time, it will appear on the app’s dashboard giving the user a monitoring chart of their heart rates. This way you can watch out for any unusual spikes and notify your doctor.

Now this particular version is not in the Play Store which means you can only download it as an APK.

All in all, Xiaomi has once again outdone itself, this could be a game changer in the field of cardiovascular related diseases.