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Would it have made a difference who Kenya’s first President was?

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By Mundia Kamau
Would it have made a difference who Kenya’s first Prime Minister and first President was?
It is often speculated as to whether Independent Kenya would have progressed much more significantly than it has, if Jomo Kenyatta was not at the helm of Kenya at independence, and if someone different had become Independent Kenya’s first Prime Minister and first President.

It really does not matter who would have become Independent Kenya’s first Prime Minister or first President, because very closely overseeing and monitoring Kenya’s transition from colonialism to independence were the British, who had and still have a massive stake in Kenya. The fact of the matter is that banks, financial institutions and other lenders never get off the backs of individuals or institutions that owe them money, until payment of the monies owed, including interest and penalties, are paid in full. It is indeed said that banks and financial institutions are the new slave masters and new slave owners, while we the general public worldwide, are the new slaves.
Similarly, the British and other developed countries will hold onto Kenya for as long as is possible, for as long as they can, until they recoup the heavy sums of money that they have continuously pumped into Kenya since 1st July 1895, when the East Africa Protectorate, as Kenya was then known, came into being.
Had Jomo Kenyatta not been regarded as suitable enough to lead Kenya to independence, then someone different would have been identified and groomed, and if need be, Kenya would have experienced a succession of military coups since independence in 1963, similar to the succession of military coups experienced after independence in countries like Nigeria and Ghana.
Jomo Kenyatta was an opportunist and a turncoat, like Nelson Mandela of South Africa, and this is certainly what endeared the British to Jomo Kenyatta i.e. opportunists and turncoats are malleable and easily manipulated.
Jomo Kenyatta was not the only available option of leading Kenya to independence, he was just the one the British felt they could most rely on to safeguard their interests. The British came to East Africa, saw and conquered, a conquest that is still alive and ongoing after 125 years.
We could go on forever about what should have been or what could have been, but the reality is that we owe large sums of money to Britain, other European countries, the Americans, the Japanese, the Chinese, the Canadians, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), amongst others, and until the sums of money owed are settled in full by the Republic of Kenya, it does not matter who becomes President of Kenya today, in 2022, or after 2022, because we have heavy debts to pay and debtors are not free men or free women.

Jomo Kenyatta was a figurehead and a stooge, so were Daniel T. arap Moi and Mwai Kibaki, and so is Uhuru Kenyatta, and figureheads and stooges we shall all remain, until we pay our debts, or there is something on the scale of divine intervention.

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