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World Youth Day: 5 Ways Youth can Positively Instigate Change

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Today August 12, 2020 is the World Youth Day. Not only is the day consequential for the youth and those who champion young people dreams and aspirations but it also gives us an opportunity as a society to analyze whether the young people are tapping on to the power they yield in shaping and making the society and communities better.
Young people are essentially the pillars and the face of the society we live in. their character, passion and attitude mirror the societal progress, values and ideals it subscribes to. From joining and organizing protest to speak truth to power to online social media #hashtag activism, fundraising and community outreach causes, young people are the change agents in their own right.

There are several ways the young people can instigate and trigger change in the communities. Here are 5 of them;


Volunteering can be a brave and selfless act and this is just not for your resume but to better the community. The local the volunteering is the better. From the teaching in local school to the hospital near you especially at the height of the pandemic, civic education on importance on making the right choices on the ballot.

These can be ‘small’ tasks but it will go along way in empowering, enlightening and emancipation of the community.

Engage your political leaders

Do not shy away from engaging from political leaders from the governor, MPs, MCAs, Senators and Women MPs. Highlight the plight of your community and best way to tackle the problem. While its their duty to help and offer services, they won’t do it effectively without proper knowledge about the same. Purpose to engage them often

Tap social media outreach and power

In Hongkong protests and #MeToo movements that have led to unprecedented change in their respective spheres and set the precedent in the world, social media power grew both movements to the behemoths they are today.

The young people can tap this more often to engage their leaders, marshal support and trigger change by rallying support from other users for the better of the country and communities.

Inspire other young people to join

Social change is definitely not an individual obligation and thus should not be treated as one. Inspire and reach out to as many as possible young people who are subscribed to your ideology and change in the community.
There is power in numbers and if you rally many and enough voices, then you have a high chance of being heard and your proposals, issues and opinions being taken into account.

Be creative in messaging

Creativity is important especially while trying to package your messaging to be right and attract huge audience. Using graphic designs to design a better and attractive poster, flyers. Use videos and pictures to appeal to the masses and reach diverse kind of audience altogether.
With social media, these media can easily go viral and trigger much needed change for good.

In collusion, youth are the backbone of the society and they have the potential to instigate change.

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