Women’s Empowerment Link Exposed

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Women’s Empowerment Link prides itself as an organization that lives up to its name, ‘empowering women and girls’.

Well, beneath the veneer of a good NGO, lies the crimes against a country.
Kenya’s laws penalize homosexuality and Lesbianism and it has remained so since we became a republic, one people governed under one law.

Despite US attempts at getting Kenya to accept LGBT rights, making their case more strongly since 2013, with the high-level visits by US President Barack Obama etc, the Kenyan administration has remained non-committal owing to the strong religious foundation of the country.

Nonetheless, attempts by LGBT rights group have become more brazen and the recent #Repeal162, a mass movement that organizes on social media to have the country Repeal section 162 of the law that outlaw ‘carnal knowledge against the order of nature and indecent acts between males whether in public or private’. These crimes are punishable with up to 14 years imprisonment.

For those who don’t know, LGBT stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, some even add a ‘Q’ after the ‘T’, to make LGBTQ, where ‘Q’ stands for Queer.

Push through Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs)
Western countries have always been anti-family. There’s no worse atrocities that have been committed anywhere else than on the most social race, the African.

The agenda of destroying Kenya’s social fabric, fits into that first anti-family program.

By sponsoring shows that create confusion in young children such that they grow up with split personalities and desperation to fit in, the western sponsored NGOs have perfected the art of selling emptiness in the guise of supporting especially women and children.

One such outfit is the Women’s Empowerment Link (WEL) whose investment in women and girls to realize their full potential, advocating for human and ‘social justice rights’ etc, if read well means more than just normal rights.

In the age of paedosadism, where elites have been exposed as the biggest conduit for human trafficking for sex and underage girls’ exploitation by the wealthy, it is well to look into all the organizations that deal in children.

WEL is said to be pushing for Repeal of section 162 through funding of activities of such movements calling for legalization of homosexuality.

The 13-year-old shadowy NGO that sits on Kirichwa Gardens, along Elgeyo Marakwet road, in Kilimani Nairobi should be deregistered.

As recently reported, the adoption of children of the opposite sex is on the rise; in the age of paedosadism, this is curious.

The recent controversial advert by the likes of Anita Nderu fits into this agenda.

WEL2030’s certificate of operations should be suspended to save our kids.

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