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Women Lovers Come Under Heavy Fire In Latest #MasculinitySaturday Tweets

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Every Saturday Kenyan men log in to Twitter to follow one hashtag. Other than the craze that comes with the weekend’s sports; from football to Formula One to rugby, Kenyan men, including this 254 News writer log in to follow the wisdom set about by popular masculinity coach Eric Amunga, alias @Amerix under the hashtag #MasculinitySaturday.

For all the popularity however, a lot of people do not agree with his strong opinions on matters of fitness, relationships and life in general, and most of them unsurprisingly are women. A number have called him out for what they term as extremism while others say he preaches water on Twitter while drinking wine in real life.

On Saturday June 27, he turned his attention towards the ‘women lovers’, now popularly known as ‘simps’; individuals known for putting women before themselves.

“Simps and pantywaists are the problem. If only every man stopped pleasing women hoping to get laid, Our society would be great. Simps steal public money to please women. Simps troll, insult, murder other men to please women. Say no to simping”, he wrote on Twitter.

He went on to give the characteristics of simps, which appeared to have angered a lot of users, some exhibiting the same characteristics he described.

“Characteristics of a simp: Big buttocks, Manboobs, Emotionally deranged. Anger and bitterness, Cries when his woman shows sign of dumping him and is afraid to penetrate ruthlessly because he thinks soft penetration is being ‘romantic'” he revealed.

“Stop body shaming men with big bodies not everyone is malnourished or slim as you” responded @Ongiri8 on Twitter.

“Men,don’t be misled. Sex is an art just like football. You’ve got to read your opponents style & movements. Only then can you know when to go deeper, pull out a little bit, go sideways or make them ask for it harder. I repeat. It’s an ART!” wrote Dennis Wanjala.

Despite the criticism, he kept on teaching the ‘simps’ a lesson.

“Simps (just like toxic feminists) are poor followers hence bad leaders. They hate to be led. They troll and abuse leaders. They envy men who are leading them because they lack mental acumen to lead anyone. They can’t lead chicken – leave alone a woman.

Simps (just like toxic feminists) have no solution to any problem. They’d rather whine and complain about a problem than work out a solution. They envy doers and men who create solutions because they lack the creative spirit to come up with any solutions.” he advised.

He preaches male dominance and revealed he has four wives in an interview with NTV Kenya’s Your World on Friday, May 15.

He is a reproductive medicine specialist, fat loss coach and men’s health consultant who gained popularity on social media for starting the #MasculinitySaturday a hashtag which he uses to advise men on a number of pertinent issues regarding relationships and other aspects of life. He is also very vocal on matters of personal health, having successfully battled obesity.

“I am based in Western Kenya. I also do private consulting for people struggling with diabetes, obesity, weight, men suffering from sexual health disorders and inadequacies like addiction to masturbation and pornography, erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, alcoholism and hemorrhoids,” he said in an interview with Daily Nation’s Life & Style on Tuesday June 23.

“Two years ago, I struggled with obesity and inexplicable metabolic fatigue. One day while squatting to change the tires of my car, I suffered acute back pain. When I went to an orthopaedic surgeon for treatment, he told me to go lose weight. I was 117kg. I never looked back. I lost 40kg in seven months. The experience was burdensome and torturous at the start; I almost gave up but I was resilient. I pressed on until I began seeing small changes. The results kept me pushing further until I reached my periodic targets.”

“Masculinity Saturday is a space for men. It is where men gather to share their challenges and rediscover their gender roles. Masculinity Saturday started in January 2019 when a follower sent me a private message that he was on the verge of depression because his wife disrespected him. I reached out to him and helped him overcome the challenge. It is from this incident that I discovered men are struggling to cope up with themselves,” he explained.

“Definitely, I had the vision that it will attract an audience of men, surprisingly, women are actively engaged in promoting its popularity. The reason is attributed to the fact that women today feel lonely and abandoned by their men despite being in a relationship with them. Women follow #MasculinitySaturday to understand their men while men follow the conversation to be better leaders,” he added.

Amunga added that he expected the backlash that comes in the form of responses to his hard-hitting tweets.

“I have no problem with women turning their heat on me because women are naturally reactionary and hence emotional. They derive their sense of validation by expending their emotions to matters that challenge their deep-rooted beliefs. Their protracted agitation against #MasculinitySaturday tweets could be justified because the conversation seeks to take away their manipulative mannerism towards men. For the men who disagree with what I tweet, I have nothing to say to them,” he says.

Sample some of the hard-hitting and factual tweets from the masculinity coach below:


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