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“Women like you are why the society has a problem” Maureen Waititu Claps Back (PHOTOS)

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Vlogger Maureen Waititu has been silent for weeks now after her unceremonious breakup with Frankie Just Gym It. But a certain woman on Wednesday July 15 decided to unleash her demons.

Waititu was swift to clap back at the woman who came out in defence of Frankie Kiarie, better known as Frankie Just Gym It.

As seen by controversial blogger Edgar Obare, the woman confronted Maureen Waititu for painting Frankie as a dead beat dad, but the contest was over with the woman suffering under the wrath of the woman who had her heart shredded to pieces.

The woman attacked Maureen Waititu via her Instagram DM. Source: File

“Excuse me? Who are you to think you know me? Do you even know what I do for my kids? Should I speak about all the unspeakable things he’s done to me for you to understand how much I have covered that man? Did he or Kwamboka send you?” raged Maureen Waititu.

“Don’t even think about coming after me without knowing the other side of the story. Ps, if by screwing around with a socialite who he was flirting with when we were still together and knocking her up is what you call getting a mate, I pity your kind of thinking,” she went on.

Maureen Waititu’s reply. Source: File

Waititu also revealed new details of why her relationship with her ex Frankie Just Gym It ended abruptly.

According to her, Frankie was already flirting with his current girlfriend socialite Corazon Kwamboka when they were still together. She added that Frankie and Corazon were already hooking up, while the fitness instructed was still committed to her.

Maureen and Frankie called it quits towards the end of last year, with the former opting to stay mum about the circumstances of their breakup until now.

This month, Corazon Kwamboka announced that she was expecting her first child with Frankie.


Frankie already has two sons with her ex Maureen.

From the saga, it was clear that Maureen did have a lot bottled up in her, and her support system ensured she maintained her silence for a year.

It now sets the tone for fans to anticipate the day she reveals everything she claims to have gone through during the relationship. And she had words for those applauding Frankie for the child support:

Her parting shot. Source: File

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