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Will Raila listen to Gitobu Imanyara’s advice?

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Gitobu Imanyara, a Kenyan, human rights lawyer, journalist, and politician, has finally opened up to Kenya’s longest serving political detainee and foremost prodemocracy fighter, Former Prime Minister and current opposition Leader Hon Raila Odinga.

In a move to see Mr. Raila ascends to power, Imanyara breaths bitter truth putting things into context, something political analysts predicts, may not auger well with Mr. Odinga’s innercore.

He began by giving his opinion about the CORD coalition saying;
“You can only have a coalition of the willing. You cannot force a coalition that is founded on pretended premises. Raila needs to do what Obama did and build a coalition of grassroot organisations that are not aligned to political godfathers. That is what propelled Trump to his shocking win. Depending on old faces and home allies will lead, sadly to say, to a resounding loss. Raila has to begin by asking those from Luoland to step aside for those with vote advantage like Joho, Nanok, Isaac Ruto and others. There will be resistance but that is the only guaranteed root to success.These are the harsh truths.”

He then advises that Mr. Odinga should give a listening ear to those who have stood with him for years.

“Raila must be prepared to give a hearing to those who have steadfastly stood by him even when ethnic bigotry has resulted in them not bringing in votes. Winning is more than bringing in votes.” He remarked

Senator Orengo, Mr. Imanyara and Former PM Raila Odinga in a walk to freedom.
Senator Orengo, Mr. Imanyara and Former PM Raila Odinga in a walk to freedom.

Mr. Imanyara recalls the suffering he has undergone, the challenges that have befell him owing to his steadfast stand for what is right for the country and so he had this message to Raila:

“I have sacrificed political office for Jaramogi, for Raila and I have been called a traitor by people from Mt. Kenya region for taking a principled political stand. I will still cast my vote for Raila in the 2017 elections without expecting that he will reward me when he becomes president. My fear is that I belong to a minority in a nation that only sees their tribe instead of a United prosperous Kenya with opportunities available equally for all who are qualified. It is not too late for Raila to give hope for those who truly worry and here for Kenya because they are the majority. He needs to reach out to this silent minority.”

Mr. Gitobu Imanyara's long walk to freedom.
Mr. Gitobu Imanyara’s long walk to freedom.

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