WikiLeaks: Kenyan Politics is a Cesspool

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The growth and development of the people are influenced immensely by the politics and the nature of the political leaders. Kenya has significantly lagged behind since independence 5 decades ago and same social ills we were fighting then have escalated significantly now ranging from poverty, poor healthcare, marginalization, tribalism etc. the damning WikiLeaks on the masterminds of 2007 elections chaos, the political class.

According to the report which adversely mentions the top level leadership of both opposing camps during highly contested 2007 elections as among the key figures, masterminds and the ones who bankrolled the violence. In the Rift Valley region for example, the political leaders attended the so called ‘peace meetings’ and incited locals to viciously attack the specific ‘madoadoa’ communities. In these incidences, young men were transported miles away to attack communities and forcefully evict them out of ‘our’ land through the instructions and funding of the political leaders.

As a matter of fact, inciting the ethnic tensions according to WikiLeaks report was one of the strategy to be used as a last resort. Voter suppression in in hostile areas was going to be highly encouraged. The reports further alleges the ‘leaflets to target and warn members of certain groups and support of the militia. In targeting the rival camps, the strategy was to demonize and malign the stalwarts with string of corruption related issues and paint them in bad light while portraying yourselves as pro-reform.

These behind the curtains expose by the WikiLeaks shows politicians’ stops at nothing but power. They don’t value human life at all. From the funding of the violence t publicly advocating for displacing and brutalization of the innocent civilians, the politics in our country exposes a very dirty linen which will require multipronged approach in the total overhaul. The hundreds of lives, the property worth millions lost and displacement of civilians due to violence, planned, funded and facilitated by political leaders is deeply troubling considering the innocent taxpayers have absolutely nothing with it.

One of the powerful voices added that ‘if we tell you to block you block and if we tell you remove you remove’ says the powerful minister according to the report implying the forceful removal of the civilian populations from the areas dominated by those of different affiliations.
The Kenyan politics therefore is a tragedy that’s according to the report, it is a filthy cesspool that needs to be flushed out as democracy can never survive effectively with kind of retrogressive politics that happened in 2007 as WikiLeaks reports points out. The political seen is dominated by thugs, criminals, killers and selfish individuals’ ready at any given point to kill, maim, destroy and displace people to achieve the ambitions of power. It will take us years to save ourselves from bad politics and its only citizens that can be able to clean the cesspit and drain the filth.

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