Wiki “leaks” Baba II

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Yesterday was an interesting day in Kenya’s political calendar. I say interesting because none of us saw it coming. As I am sure by now we are all aware of the Dozier that Julian Assange’s WikiLeaks leaked yesterday regarding the events leading to the 2007 elections in Kenya. The documents allege planned executions of prominent political moguls and businessman, and that the ethnic desolation that followed was an agenda aimed at advancing political interests and mileage. We have always been under the assumption that the disputed election results instigated the violence that followed. Information in our hands however suggest otherwise. The testimonies of senior police officers allege that this was a well-planned and executed event, and that the orchestrators and perpetrators nearly attained the objective. When the then, Kenya’s electoral body Electoral Commission of Kenya (ECK) boss, Samuel Kivuitu declared Mwai Kibaki as the duly elected presidential candidate in 2007, violence instantaneously broke out in parts of a country. Many lost their lives, property worth millions was disparaged, and to date many remain internally displaced.

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It is now clear more than ever that indeed, the elections were stolen and that the declaration that Mwai Kibaki had won the election was such a monstrosity on our independence and integrity as a nation. It made many of us myself included bitter with our government, and we lost all the little trust that we had for the sovereign. The damage was so egracious that this trust will most likely never be regained. The elections are also permanently branded the retired prime minister Hon. Raila Amolo Odinga as an individual that never accepts the results of any election. The ghost of this reputation has haunted Baba even in the latter elections including 2013 and 2017. In fact yesterday when Baba took a corona virus test and turned out to be negative, the controversial gatundu member of parliament Hon. Moses Kuria satirically asked him if he accepted the results, what a mockery! Fact still remains was the 2007 elections were rigged and Baba had every right to dispute them. That however doesn’t negate the fact that people died, collateral damage I guess.

Of course the timing of the expose is suspicious given the tremors Kenya’s political landscape has been experiencing lately. First what’s the unholy matrimony between H.E. Uhuru kenyatta and Raila Odinga, which culminated into the Uhuruto fallout. Uhuru kenyatta being in bed with Raila Odinga meant that Kenya officially no longer hard an opposition party. Kenyans should have seen this coming though, from the moment raila boycotted the subsequent repeat elections in 2017. I am convinced beyond reproach that the 2017 elections too were stolen. My validation lies in my legal career, where if one party is not satisfied with the impartiality of the sitting judges, then the judges must recuse themselves from hearing the matter. The same applies with the elections just by the mere fact that raila was not confident in our IEBC’s leadership, they ought to be changed before an election was held.

The expose is obviously a political statement bayroute rose tanga-tanga given the recent attacks that his followers have been under lately. Whether or not the information delved in the leak is in fact factual is a matter we cannot immediately ascertain, right now there is no telling for sure. What we can confidently state however is that Kenya knows, and the world knows, that Raila and ruto on the same team is a force that cannot be matched. It is a lesson we learnt in 2007. That is why in 2013 they had raila on one side and ruto on the other. The same strategy was replicated in 2017. Now it is clear that there are plans to desperately speech Ruto and have Raila on the other side for obvious reasons.

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