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Wife Material Sn 3 back with a bang

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Wife Material's previous contestants

Wife Material's previous contestants

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Eric Omondi has revealed that season 3 of his wife’s material show will be premiering soon, and it’s sooner than you expect.

The comic took to his Instagram, disclosing that the season 3 premiere is set for Tuesday, October 19.

In a promo video dubbed WIFE MATERIAL 3. AFRICA EDITION!!! The self-proclaimed President of Comedy, Africa revealed season 3 will be a conglomerate of contestants from 5 African countries; Kenya, Ethiopia, Rwanda, South Sudan, and Nigeria.

Since the launch of his controversial dating show, Comedian Eric Omondi has been the talk of the town. It has gained a lot of traction among its online fans; however, others continue to condemn its content.

In season 2, displeased by the comedian’s choice of content, former Kenya Film Classification Board Boss Dr. Ezekiel Mutua rallied by a section of online users, took to social media to condemn the show.

Eric explained that the misunderstanding came because Kenyans were not yet open to the type of content he was trying to introduce to the entertainment industry.

“To him (Ezekiel Mutua), these things are strange and new even to Kenyans, but in this case, I’m a freedom fighter,” he revealed in an interview with Standard Newspaper.

The show had a section of online users confused on whether the comedian was genuinely looking for love due to the controversy surrounding the first season.

Responding to this, Eric admitted that he was indeed looking for a wife and, even though he didn’t find one in the first season, he hopes to find one in the second part of the show.

“Yes I was looking for a wife. Whether I get a wife or not, I’m not sure, but I’m looking for a wife. It’s not for comedy; it’s not funny, not a laughing matter,” said Eric.

The show will feature scenes from his Sh.141 million mansion in Karen. A number of Kenyans had accused the seasoned comedian of stage managing the unveiling of his new house for popularity.

“Yes the house is a multi-bedroom house and yes it can be used as Air BnB for now, and yes I bought it and own it. I can’t rent it out but I can lease it out. I am rarely around anyway. Sh75,000 per day but this offer stands until October 19 when I officially move in,” Omondi said.

In an explainer on his Instagram, Omondi dismissed the doubters, terming some as haters as he displayed evidence that he owns the house. In the 2 minutes long video, Omondi showed a title deed in his name that was stamped on September 7, 2021.