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Why You Should Be Wary of Bonfire Adventures

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Kenya is a beautiful country, for those who can afford to travel and see how magically beautiful it is. It also happens that tourism is one of our most endeared economic and leasure activities and that explains the profitable tour business. You and me both are aware of the multiple tour agencies that we have in the country and most especially Bonfire Adventures, owned by Mr. And Mrs. Kabu. Tembea Kenya and Magical Kenya promotions led us to believe, and rightly so, that as Kenyans we need to make, buy and sell Kenya, tour even. That was the greenlight Bonfire Adventures was waiting for.

For the last five or so years, the tour company has made superfluous profits running their tour business and attracted several people including myself to tour Kenya. Before Bonfire Adventures, I had never imagined myself a travel enthusiast and I often rubished such desires as foreign instigated considering how costly traveling Kenya can be. Bonfire made our dreams come true, at least untill you travel with them and realize Kwa ground, vitu ni different. I say this without apologies.

Anyone who hasn’t subscribed to the service wouldn’t know the dark smog that follows Bonfire, especially considering the positive publicity the media gives them. I applaud their marketing department which ensured that Bonfire Adventures was only painted on a positive note and even negative reviews on TripAdvisor were somewhat hidden. It took someone who really knows how to look to really see Bonfire Adventures for the scam it really is. Just ask Njugush the comedian and his wife the bitter taste in their palates and their experience at Bonfire.

My first trip with Bonfire was to Diani, south of the coast. Ten of us were sat in a fourteen seater and whisked to Mombasa for a five day trip and what would be my first terrible experience with Bonfire. Forget the fact that our vehicle developed some technical issues and broke down somewhere between Voi and Mtito Andei because, well shit happens. It is the fact that we had to sit in the middle of God Knows where for more than eight hours awaiting the repairs, and the fact that we had to soil our trip class helping the driver fix the vehicle.

That should have been the first red flag but my very forgiving and optimistic persona didn’t want to ruin my prospects for the trip. Granted, the fees were fairly affordable but now that I think about it, not really, considering the substandard quality of service we received. Our worst was yet to come because upon arrival at the hotel which had been sold to us as a five star cortege, we were shacked up in some ramshackle under the guise of an outdoor camping experience.

The establishment was so unsanitary that some of us, particularly women decided to withhold and or otherwise suspend their bathroom needs against their wills. The worst of them all particularly for me as a foodie, was the fact that the meals which were advertised as consisting the fees we paid, were to be paid for separately. It’s the coast, the food was delicious but we were lied to. I remember a couple we travelled with quit on day two and made separate travel arrangements to return to Nairobi.

People’s experiences with Bonfire Adventures will shock you, how they manage to mask their substandard services from prospective clients still beats me. Maybe one day, someone will unmask them for what they really are, a corporation mindful of its profit margins with no concerns whatsoever for the welfare of their clients. Since then, I have always preferred to use other services. From my experience, I think what is wrong with Bonfire is greed. Their employees are underpaid and are subjected to poor working conditions to optimize profits. Go to TripAdvisor and see the kind of reviews Bonfire has, no sane person would ask to engage bonfire after an experience with them.

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