Why Treating Your Boyfriend Like A Husband Is A Bad Idea

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Dating is an amazing thing. Know how it feels to fall in love with someone and get chills just thinking of him? That kafeeling of thinking of your special someone and can’t help but steal a smile because he is just what you always wanted. Ladies can relate more to this deep feeling and it’s all great until the word heartbreak hits, that awful feeling of ‘you gave in too much’ and you guys still ended and so you are left feeling bitter, angered, disappointed but most importantly drained. However, not all relationships must end, some people have been dating since forever and their life partners is their first love.

That being said, ladies most of us can attest to going overboard with our boyfriends at some point in our lives. We women like to feel that we are “wife materials”, to make our man feel special and the be termed as a keeper. Cooking, washing and cleaning is not bad, doing that for your man is not a crime, in fact I find it cute but regularly doing things that are meant to be done by his wife is where the line is drawn. It is not unusual for a woman to drop her career for her boyfriend, question is do you think most men would do the same? A man realizes what it means to date and to marry. During courtship period, a man is well aware that he cannot risk his career for a girlfriend which is perfectly okay but as for women we tend to get the feeling of “oh he doesn’t love me enough, oh can’t he make sacrifices like I did?”, you two are dating for goodness sake. It is not your job to show up everyday in his place and clean his utensils, do the laundry, cook for him, give him great sex whenever he wants to. 

Dating is the period where two people are getting to know each other more and nurturing love. If things flow well, a smart man will know when to put a ring on it. I once read somewhere that the benefits of marriage don’t apply in dating and I completely agree with that. Marriage is more detailed, why give the man privileges he is supposed to get in a marriage? If he fails to put a ring on it then don’t blame him. He got what he wanted in an easier way, he did not even have to go and ask you to be his wife because you branded yourself as a wife at an early stage. I haven’t even gone ahead to talk about the pain it brings if things don’t work out and you’re left feeling empty. We gave in too much yet he did not ask for it and if he did, you are free to use your head and not give in to “wifely” duties. I know how men can give you the pressure of being wife material when you’re just his girlfriend and some even going ahead to compare you to other females who are doing their “wifely duties” to their boyfriends, well ladies let this not get into you, you’re in the right path. If he wants a wife he will be smart enough to see the light and pop the big question just don’t overdo things. You are worth it, of course this doesn’t mean you neglect your men out there, everything has it’s boundaries and crossing the boundaries is dangerous. 

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