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Why MPs Approved Unpopular Pensions Bill Windfall

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Members of parliament have come under heavy criticism for passing the controversial amendment of Parliamentary pensions act to raise MPs pensions scheme to Ksh. 100,000 monthly payments for retired members of parliament who served between 1984 – 2001.

“Retired MPs earns peanuts in the name of pension while they only need these pensions to cover their medical costs as their health conditions have deteriorated” said mover of the motion MP John Mbadi.

Mombasa businessman and former gubernatorial aspirant Mr. Suleiman Shahbal for instance labeled the move ‘insensitive’ as the country is battling coronavirus pandemic that has brough untold sufferings to many Kenyans who now fear sleeping hungry, jobless or diseases questioning rationale behind the motive since the members of parliament at that era oversaw economic ruin instigated by the KANU regime.

“Do not forget that MPs who served in 80s and 90s watched as our economy went south through corruption” said Shahbal.

However, sources divulge the motive of members of parliament latest controversial passage of bill as insurance of sort to their financial future if things go south since their chances of employability after a parliament is very slim therefore can sink to squalor quite easily.

“we rarely get employed after serving in parliament” said one of the source who asked for anonymity as the issue is still contentious in Kenyan public space.

The MPs lifestyle of posh homes, fashion, housing makes it hard to survive having left office since there are no perks to sustain the living standards while the jobs are forthcoming. According to Aden Duale, the former Majority leader in the house, the MPs increment will open the pandora box for other civil servants to renegotiate their pensions and it will be hard for the exchequer to sustain.

These latest MPs dynamics only cement their greed as Kenyans have labeled them ‘MPIGS’ implying pigs who are feasting on taxpayer’s money with less regard to the suffering of Kenyans, unemployment levels at an all time high and national debt at the worrying levels.

The bill awaits President Kenyatta to assent or decline before becoming a law even as Kenyans on social media expressed outrage over the passage of the bill.

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