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Why Azziad Nasenya’s Influencer Charges Are Causing Mixed Reactions on Social Media

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There’s no debate that Kenyan Tik Tok star Azziad Nasenya is sweeping the online space of the entire country off its feet in sensational fashion.

That being said, the actor and content creator unwittingly ignited a standoff on Wednesday, July 22 after her influencer rate card was shared on social media, instantly going viral.

The 20-year old Multimedia University student has taken up multiple TV roles, landed brand endorsement deals, entertainment gigs…you name it.

Kenyan Tik Tok sensation Azziad Nasenya. Source: Instagram

She shot to fame with her Tiktok cover of Femi One and Mejja‘s Utawezana earlier this year and has quickly become one of the country’s most popular figures with hundreds of thousands of followers across platforms including Tiktok, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

She even secured a spot on the cast of Selena, one of the country’s most-watched TV shows as well as hosting Concert Nyumbani with media personality Mwaniki Mageria across nine TV stations.

Her rate card was simply an indication of the impressive reach she has amassed, thanks to her sensational dancing skills.

However this did not sit well with a lot of fans on social media, who as per any viral story shared their hilarious jokes and their profound shock.

To break it down, TikTok, the platform that gained her massive recognition goes at KSh 100k for video and KSh 50k for Live.

Azziad Nasenya’s Rate Card. Source: Twitter

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube wobble around a similar rate as TikTok, with her least rate being KSh 30k and highest at KSh 100k.

Her weekly and monthly brand engagement packages at KSh 250k and 500k respectively.

Cue the reactions from Twitter users following the announcement:

To help arrest the influencer craze and demystify the noise surrounding fame on social media, 254News.co.ke ‘s very own Content Writer and Curator Marvin Chege had this to say:

“What were we really expecting when she went viral over her outstanding moves on Tik Tok? It’s like me going viral for teaching a group of cats to beat the current Liverpool team.” he began.

He went on to state that Azziad had commanded a large social media following, many of whom fell within the 18-35 age bracket.

“She’s worked with plenty of advertisers, that’s why the charges she has placed are high. Influencers charge based on how many followers they have, how many subscribers, video and page views, user engagement and feedback”.

As a growing writer for four years now, Chege offered his parting shot to anyone looking to create content.

“Your core audience is like breakfast everyday, very important, thus your highest priority. Before you introduce influencer charges for projects, build your core audience.”

“Also if you have just started, don’t stop. Keep doing what you do best in your content creation. Share it out and keep going. Grow your audience and just like your ex would do, keep them coming back to you. They’ll tell their friends who will tell theirs and so on. YouTube has a minimum capacity of subscribers one is expected to reach before they open your account to monetization.”

He warned that it was important the threshold for monetization is crossed before introducing influencer charges. Not just any amount but one that is in line with your audience.

Someone using a smartphone. Source: Hivisasa

“Moreover it’s about consistency. Content creation is not easy but you get better when you do it consistently. If you’re looking to start content creation now’s the time. Right now with this pandemic everyone’s at home consuming countless hours in videos and articles not just here in Kenya but around the world.”

He believes content creation, once a new venture will grow as the main base of entertainment, even after everything is back to normal. They say the real money comes from the entertainment and media scene.

Online entertainers such as Flaqo and Elsa Majimbo have grown their online audience and secured various corporate endorsements and sponsorship deals as a result.

Anyway indulge in more hilarious reactions to Azziad Nasenya’s Influencer charge sheet below:


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