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Who Now? CS Mutahi Kagwe Reveals His Nephew

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Health CS Mutahi Kagwe is known for many things, from being ‘The COVID-19 Man’ to being the genius behind ‘Anybody can gerrit’ line that has swept the country and even resulted in music tracks made out of that one line.

His other famous phrase “If we continue to behave normally, this disease will treat us abnormally” is the national anthem on everyone’s lips and will likely grow in popularity once the nation eases back to normal. But not much is known about his personal life.

In an interview with Citizen TV on Tuesday June 23, CS Kagwe confirmed the rumours that rapper Kahush is indeed his son.

“Kahush is my youngest son. He´s a first year student at Nottingham University in the UK. He is also a rapper and a good one too and I listen to his music sometimes Mi Siwezi.” he confirmed.

The UK based rapper hinted that CS Kagwe was his father, sending social media alight with rumours that went unconfirmed by the Health CS himself.

However he went ahead and disclosed that one of his nephews was Afro pop artist Kagwe Mungai.

“In our family, we have got musicians – Kahush is one, Kagwe Mungai my nephew is the other one. We have good golfers – Mutahi, Njoroge and Kagwe. Who knows what the next one would do?” he explained.
He further clarified that it was not in his place to dictate to his children who they need to become or what they need to do in future.
According to him, as long as there is talent and discipline, then that is all that matters.

Speaking of his Gerrit rendition that has been doing the rounds, CS Kagwe not only appreciated the creative talents in the local entertainment scene but also admitted to listening to some of these creative pieces.
“I’m not that creative but I think Kenyans are creative and I enjoy the humor. I think life is tough enough, if you can laugh, then do so. I know there is a ‘Kagwe Special’, ‘If you behave nomareee’, ‘Gerrit’…I mean it means the message is understood.”

Meanwhile he disclosed his frustrations in having to repeat the same message to Kenyans with regards to the coronavirus pandemic.
He added that when some Kenyans try to beat the system it gets frustrating.

“Sometimes it gets frustrating. My mother is in Nairobi since this coronavirus started and she tells me I am the reason she is stuck here. When you see people who are trying to beat the system by flouting the government directives it can get frustrating” Kagwe said.
According to him, people take directives for granted adding that when there is a lockdown frustrations pile up.

“You start asking yourself, what are these people going to eat… there lies the frustration… as a human being you do sometimes lose your cool and it happens sometimes,” he added.

Kagwe said that Kenya has not yet hit the peak of infections.
“As we head towards end of July, there shall be higher figures as people will travel more increasing numbers. Post 6th July, we will determine what to do in terms of cessation of movement,” he said.

“We will get to a point where we have a new normal; People living with COVID-19 patients will become the new normal. We have to accept that we have a virus among us and have to live with that.”

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