When Protectors turn Predators

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A few days ago it was reported by Citizen TV that 20 girls under the age of 15 were impregnated from the same village in Murang’a county. While some blame their boyfriends, most of them stated that they were defiled by their uncles, fathers and neighbors. The allegations are yet to be proved.


What happens when the protector becomes the predator? Who is the predator supposed to turn to? Why are there increasing cases of sexual abuse from relatives? Is there a way to curb such incidences?

More than 13,635 cases of child abuse from father figures have been reported. Despite the numbers being high very few cases make it to the court. While some bribe their way out, most victims are threatened to keep their mouth shut and the rest are ashamed of talking about the ordeals.

Myths and misconceptions are partly to blame for this. Let’s take a look at the myths and misconception I’m talking about ,

1.Having sex with a minor cures HIV/AIDS.

2. Minors are the most fertile .They can bear more children than the rest.

3. Having sex with minors lifts curses .

4. Having sex with minors restores your youth.

While all the above are false, there are still people that believe in them. In order to counter this, mass education about the same is highly encouraged. Ignorance is a disease that slowly kills the society hence mandatory eradication is needed.

The mass education should include what to do to avoid this incidences, what to do during and what to do after such an ordeal has happened. Post Exposure prophylaxis(PEP) should be talked about.

Divorce. Another factor to consider while talking about sexual child abuse. Most victims of the same have reported that their fathers started taking advantage of them when their parents divorced and they ended up living with their father or when the mother is away running errands.

About the same, reports have it that child molestation cases have rapidly increased. While very few talk about it, “the streets” are not safe for the boys either. KTN News talked extensively about this while reporting on “Preying father’s: Tales of children abused by relatives”. Take a look;

What happens next? What happens after a father impregnates his daughter? What happens when an uncle impregnates his niece?

These awful incidences have resulted in many falling into depression, anxiety or worse committing suicide.

What about the children born of incest? What happens to them ?

In some communities these children are a curse hence done away with. For a lighter punishment, they face stigmatization and are discriminated in various society practices.

The justice system is flawed and requires re-evaluation. It is unfair that the victims walk in shame while the predators walk scot free in the neighborhood bragging how “untouchable” they are.

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