What To Wear During A Job Interview

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Have you ever been in a job interview? What did you wear?

Job interviews can make someone really anxious (me included). I don’t even know how to describe the feeling I get days before an interview. Not forgetting the countless rhetorical questions that keep crisscrossing my mind.

A common mistake most people do is forget to plan about what to wear for an interview. I mean you have the papers, the necessary skills and you’ve done your research well, what more would they want?

First impressions are very important. What you wear could determine whether you’ll get a particular job or not . Remember it’s better to be over prepared than under prepared. Dressing for the part also boosts your confidence big time.

It is also important that you dress according to the position you are applying for. While most may require you wear a suit, the rest are okay with anything else formal.

Let me share with you a few dos and don’ts on what to wear for interviews.

Do light makeup

Having too much makeup gives a wrong impression about you. It makes the interviewers question your seriousness well unless you want a makeup artist job. It’s better to stick to the basics if you have to do makeup.

You could apply lipgloss and eyepencil for a softer touch.

Don’t wear jeans

Nothing says too casual like a pair of jeans hence should be avoided at all costs. Under no circumstance should you give in to the urge of wearing jeans at a job interview, no matter the position you are applying for.

Do – Be modest

Remember there is nothing like “being too modest ” so cover up hunny. Ensure your clothes are the right size ,tight clothes are a no no. If you must wear a short skirt ensure it’s length is past the knee. Ensure it’s something you are comfortable in and won’t be adjusting it every 2 seconds. This can be annoying.

I have to emphasize on this. Ensure your undergarments are of the right size and right colour. No one should be able to tell the color or the type of undergarment you are wearing.

Do good grooming

Personal hygiene. Read that again ,personal hygiene. People notice the slightest of things so don’t give an interviewer a petty reason not to give you the job because you have dirt under your nails.

Cut /trim your hair. Take a shower. Iron your clothes. Brush your shoes. Smell good. Brush your teeth. Be neat and clean.

Remember that most likely you do not know about the people interviewing you, some people can be easily irritable due to issues of grooming. They wont tell you (or they might) but you’ll be the topic of discussion once you leave.

Do stick to your style

This is not the time to try out different styles unless your style isn’t interview worthy. Stick to basic pieces preferably formal.

Don’t be a clown

This is not the time to prove that you have many clothes in your closet ,or that you can pair different colours to come up with an outfit (unless it’s fashion related).

Kindly stick to dull colours. Brighter shades will attract so much unnecessary attention.

That’s it folks, be sure to tell me how your interview goes with the tips i have mentioned above.

My favorite quote,

“You can have everything you want as long as you dress for it” Coco Channel.

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