What to Know about Internet Video Production: YouTube and Lockdown

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Corona Virus has caused some industries to fall, but some seem to prosper like never before. Let us face it; the virus has forced people to stay at home and leaving them with very few activities to do. For this reason, therefore, video production through various digital platforms becomes the only option left.

Churches, classes, or even meetings are online-based today. According to YouTube and Netflix, they have also reported an increased number of online users by the day. However, what people do not understand is that for those videos to generate significant traffic there has to be a considerable knowledge about video production. Knowing this will increase traffic in your content production and improve the quality of your video. The business also tends to benefit from this, as this means they are making considerably high profits.

Therefore, the following represents what to consider when doing any form of Internet video production:

Broadcast quality
Trust, no one would watch poor quality videos. According to the National Association of Broadcasters, video producers should strive to produce the best quality videos set. The quality of the video is usually measured in terms of audiophile and videophile. Thus, it is essential to focus on the type of camera one uses together with the amplifier to make them sound audible.

Imagine creating a long, dull movie script that is so predictable by the audience. Believe you me; the video would generate low traffic. Before producing the video, ensure that your content is engaging, deals with a controversial topic, or even educative. Just do not create content for the sake of doing so, but rather create content for a purpose.

This criterion mainly focuses on those who produce content on YouTube. Excellent editing skills means a relative increase in the number of views too. If you are not fit to do editing, you can get higher a freelancer to get the job done for you or even take up a course on video editing.

Many sites are beginner-friendly when it comes to editing. Some of them include; Apple IMovie, Nero Video, or even Adobe Premiere Elements.

180 Degree Rule
One important rule that every video producer should adhere to. This rule is mostly observed by film and television sets. In nonprofessional’s English, it is aligning the camera to the imagery line running through the set and ensuring it is parallel enough. Failure to do this might cause discontinuity of the video. Video producers should pay more attention to camera angles, for good quality internet videos.

Time Frame
Captivating the best period will save you a lot when it comes to the best internet videos. A video time frame is established when one identifies his /her audience.

According to video production, it is not advisable to create a vine that is more than 5 min and put it up to an hour or so. That is breaking the rules of video production, how about you rather create a movie instead with that one hour.

Before any video production is established to identify the type of content and the audience, you are generating it to.

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