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What Most People Do Not Know About 1st of August

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It is a new month. August is finally here. The eighth month of the year has been ushered in. How does that make you feel? Hopeful? Since you do not know what goodies the new month has in store. Discouraged? Only four months to go and 2021 is here with us. Have you achieved any of the resolutions you had set for this year?

National girlfriends day is celebrated on the 1st of August in United States. It is not a global celebration but most countries have adopted it.

No one knows for sure who created the day but it was set aside for girls to celebrate each other unlike the popular belief that this special day is for lovers only.

Social media has been a blaze the last couple of days due to the pressure. Pressure to pamper girlfriends which brings me to the next issue, how often do you pamper your lover? It should be an often thing, constantly reminding them how much they mean to you and how lucky you are to have them in your life.

No,I’m not saying that you go rob a bank to please your partner. A while back my friend was asking me why his girlfriend was super excited just because he had gotten her some candy on his way home from work. It’s simple. It’s the thought that counts rather than the product itself.

That aside.Quick question. This is for you ladies. Would you rather go on a date with your crush(if he finally asked you out) or go on a lunch date with one of your girlfriends?

Time immemorial girls have supported each other countless times. Personally, i think friendships last longer than romantic relationships. Why? I do not have a specific answer to that.

There is no limit to what you can do with your girlfriends. They are more like sisters. You want friends to gossip with? Friends to go clubbing with? Friends to cry in the showers with? Friends to go with for pedicures? You name it.

Like all relationships, girlfriends are not perfect. There is occasional back stabbing and backbiting. That’s just how it is.

Did you know that national girlfriends day was first celebrated in 2004?

Some countries have set this day apart to celebrate girls that have made significant contribution to the society. Girls like Marilyn Monroe who helped Ella fitzgerald book a gig at the Mocambo in Hollywood, girls who have entered into Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics(STEM) careers,girls that have been to space and many more.

However you choose to celebrate this day,make your girlfriend(s) feel special. Remember that national boyfriend day is around the corner. October 3rd is not that far. So if you choose to be romantic ,I’m sure they will return the favour come October.

Have a wonderful girlfriend’s day.

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