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What is wrong with Kenya gospel music scene and why is everyone running away from it…

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In 2010 or thereabout, the gospel music industry shot to the stars. Safaricom through Groove Awards made it even better when they rewarded the best in the industry. Many artists splurged into the scene perhaps because of the promising rewards that came of gospel music industry. Even Christian TV stations and radio stations such as Hope FM found their bearing on this newly found faith in music.

Juliani, MOG, Ekko Dydda, Willy Paul are just some of the names that became of that majestic win. We did not care what they sang so long as it was tagged gospel music, we regarded it as such. I mean, what exactly was system ya kapungala or Tobina? We played these songs and dances to them in the most unholy places. But wait, somehow, somewhat, that flame extinguished and that scene is nolonger as appealing as it was.

Many have since defected to other businesses such as Willy Paul who openly declared his shift to secular music. Earlier on, the King of rap Julius Owino, otherwise known as Juliani rejected the premise that he is a gospel artist and maintained that he did music for whomever wanted to listen, not necessarily gospel.

Since then, we have watched as the drama unfolds before our eyes. Forget the Bahati and Diana Drama or DJ Mo’s I mean serious drama among the so called gospel musicians. Ben Githae famous for his hit iradhimo ciakwa quit the gospel and joined political campaign line ups. I am sure you are familiar with his hit Uhuru Ruto tank tena. Others like MOG disappeared to places unknown with one of the members of the trio currently facing sexual assault charges. That’s unfair though because by the time of the incident, they trio had already split up and nolonger sang together as Men of God (MOG).

That makes you wonder what really is going on with the once coveted industry. Why is everyone taking shelter among the mountains of secularism and abandoning gospel music? Willy Paul reiterated that he wants to live his life the way he wants it and not how society expects him to. Rich coming from someone who gave us sitolia with Gloria Muliro. Speaking of whom, do you guys remember the controversy that involved her pastor ex husband? Yes, the one who stole millions and left her languishing in depression.

Juliani and Brenda Wairimu’s illicit affair hit the media and all he’ll broke loose. We started to question the artists. “Please do not shoot the messenger” those were Bahati’s words when his collaborations with Ethic and Boondocks came about. He doesn’t have that many fans so it never exploded like Willy Paul’s colabo with Jamaican star Alaine hit the airwaves. Apparently people got into the gospel music for fame and for the money. As in why else would a gospel artist like Mr. Seed leak his own sex tape in a controversial orgy ring and then play victim? Nothing is wrong with that, unless you are the holier than thous I’m talking about here but no one warned us that it would be this dirty.

When Safaricom pulled its funding from groove awards, and the groove tour parties that climaxed on 31st December of every year, all hell broke loose. There was no more money and fancy trips for gospel artists. Dry pockets bring no joy and the obvious implication was defection into other income generating stunts. Not just Bahati, mtoto wa Diana, but the entire group.

The purpose was to entertain, and get rich and famous while at it, not to spread the gospel. This is why depression is mutilating what has remained of the industry, Papa Dennis (RIP) left us all so suddenly after mysteriously falling off a building in Pangani while Mr Seed is silently recuperating at a rehab in Nakuru. Jimmy Gait, well he is not even relevant enough to talk about now. Huratete! Women don’t run the world, Beyonce was wrong; money does. In short supply Sisi hapana tambua.

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