What has Education done for you? An Inspiring story of Dr Bosi Bori

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(Dr Bosi Bori)

They say education is the greatest equaliser, this explained better by the Inspiring story of Dr Felisters Bosi Bori, a Medical Doctor (oncologist) at Kisii Teaching and Referral Hospital explains it all. Here is her story;

“I grew up in a poor & dysfunctional household, my biological dad left when we were toddlers. It was tough growing up like that but my mum never let us feel short of anything. Over the years she worked really hard and earned enough money to send us to boarding school. She wanted to give us the best of education. She was struggling to keep us at school and I knew it was between the walls of school and the covers of books that I would ever be anybody. I was determined to change the situation at home. And so I immersed myself in books, I worked had. I read about people of great accomplishments and started emulating them. I wanted to be like them.

As fate would have it, I lost my single mum at the age of 11 years. Loosing mum was like losing part of myself. I knew I had to step into her shoes and take care of my sisters. I became a care giver at a very young age. I worked odd jobs to pay fees (story for another day). There were days that me and my sisters didn’t have food to eat, we moved from one home to another. Life has been far from easy for us, we’ve been by ourselves for as long as I can remember. Without parents, family or any other support. But still, somehow, we’ve managed to reach this far. Today we are happy little sisters and a tiny niece, a reincarnation of my mother. We have a world of our own, a safe space which we can finally call home.

I remember at Alliance Girls High School, yes #IWentToAlliance, when my friends used to be visited at school, I literally had no one that would afford to travel from the village to visit me. But I had the best of friends, Sheila Kamwele (May her soul RIP) always carried extra shopping for me on opening day and Miriam Kilimo made me part of her family, I was always visited by her folks. School holidays were never exciting for me. I had no where to go.

I was determined to be a doctor; I missed a regular slot by 0.1 points. I was called for Electrical engineering, this was devastating. I remember applying for the medical parallel program whose fee was half a million anually. Who was I kidding… Lol. I definitely could not afford the fees. So I set out to look for my biological dad. I remember boarding a matatu with no money all the way to Eldoret. I walked into Moi University and looked for him physically, I found him and I told him I wanted to study medicine and needed his support. He paid my fees and when I finally got into medical school I couldn’t believe it. It wasn’t all rosy, it was super tough. I almost dropped out and missed 1 year of school due to outstanding fee balances. It took me 7 years to complete my undergraduate degree but I kept my eyes on the prize.

My mother’s dream is what pushed me to who I am today, to do what I am doing and it’s all been worth it. The dreams she had for me became my dreams and that’s how I have kept her memory alive- by turning them into reality. Never give up on your dreams however grandish they may seem. My journey has been extraordinary. The obstacles along the way have not only taught me resilience but have shaped me to be a better doctor and human being. I’ve realised that in some situations, it may seem like the end, but if you persist hard enough, it’ll always get better — there will always be a silver lining, there will always be a new chapter.

I fought great battles and I won.”

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