What are the Signs for Hormonal Imbalance in women?

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Hormones usually assist in the running of our body functions. Where do these hormones originate? They originated as a form of chemical products from tissues, different glands, or different body systems. Many hormones put together, and then form the endocrine system.

Like music, when one tune goes off-key, the whole music becomes terrible; this is the same way the endocrine system works. When one type of hormone fails to function, it led to corresponding damage to the whole system. This is then what we call hormonal imbalance. However, other medical personal term it when one has either an excess or a limit of certain hormones that is then what is termed to as hormonal imbalance.

Although this hormonal imbalance is usually associated with a healthy change in a woman’s life cycle, it may occur because of menstruation or because of body changes pertains to pregnancy. It is not only these cases that would trigger hormonal imbalance, but there are other ways i.e., the most common contraceptive hormonal imbalance. All these causes depend on our bodies, as different bodies tend to react differently based on different situations. For this reason, therefore, when does a woman know or distinguish that they are receiving such hormonal imbalances or hormonal changes to their corresponding bodies?

Excess Weight
In most cases, hormones have a pivotal role to play in metabolic reactions, the nervous system, or the reproductive system .All these body systems are proven an accelerator, especially when we mention weight gaining. Different hormones, in turn, react differently depending on it levels. A case example could be when insulin, cortisol, and oestrogen levels are high. They are proven to cause relative weight gain while, hormones such as thyroxin have proven otherwise, in the sense that when they are detected to be on the low levels that is now when they cause a relative increase in body weight.

What is it about hormones and the menstrual cycle-related to body weight? Typically, when one is on their periods, mood swings become inevitable. For this mood swings, one then becomes triggered to eat fatty and sugary foods. This is just a scientifically proven habit, and it is not to say that this criterion would be seen in most women. Those fatty foods or the so-called sugary foods act as an accelerator, especially when it comes to weight gain.

What is the solution to this? Immediately you find out that you are gaining weight start due to hormonal imbalances start putting your much focus too much intake of organic foods. These foods should always result in a reduced oestrogen levels intake. It is also advised to reduce the levels of cortisol. As high levels of cortisol, trigger a slow metabolism rate.

Hormonal acne
The rise of acnes is a ubiquitous aspect, especially when we are talking of hormonal imbalances. Acne can be in a different form, and blackheads being the most common of them all. Other ways could be whiteheads, cysts, or just skin inflammation. The most commonly affected age bracket of acne presence due to hormonal imbalances constitutes women between the ages of 20 to 29. This is not to say that women who are above this age bracket do not get acne due to a hormonal imbalance. Twenty-six percent of women who are between the ages of 40 to 49 have reported having also experienced some of these resonate changes to their body because of majorly hormonal changes.

As mentioned earlier, hormonal imbalances could be a result of an increase in fat in the body. This fat would then replicate to the relative formation of acnes to our skin. The reason behind this mystery is that excess oil clogs up to the skin pores and eventually resulting in the formation of acne.

What is the solution to this? Doctors would advise you depending on your body type. For some people, they will be requested to take hormonal contraceptives or anti-androgen pills. As earlier mentioned, all this depends, while as for some, they would be asked to do some exercises to help reduce the number of fat deposits to our corresponding body, thus reducing the development of acne.

Digestive issues
When one is experiencing some hormonal balances to the body, Digestive issues could be one of the signs and symptoms are related to this. This is relatable to an imbalance in both the oestrogen and progesterone levels. Usually, our intestines and stomachs are aligned with the hormones mentioned above. A relative imbalance of those hormones would result in abdominal pain, stomach bloating, and constipation. In scientific terms, these are referred to as Irritable Bowel System (IBS).

IBS is commonly portrayed more in women than it is in women. The reason is that men have testosterone, which acts as a protective measure to prevent all these from occurring.

What is the solution to this? Nutritionists advise that it is equally essential to take foods that are rich in magnesium and fibre too. Some of these foods could be green vegetables, sweet potatoes, or even fruits rich in fibre and magnesium such as bananas. The primary purpose of this is to improve one’s digestion to eliminate IBS issues associated with it.

Low Sex Drive
You probably did not see this coming, but for real hormonal imbalances would lead to one having low sex drive. It is proven that a hormone knows as testosterone in men prompts them to have a high affinity to having sex. Reports indicate that women who were having low sex drive with their partners. They would be requested to get a drip of testosterone in them. This would then result in one having an enjoyable sexual experience. However, this procedure is not all that, as high testosterone is attributed to a steep increase in the growth of hairs everywhere from the chest to the beards.

What is the solution to this? Consult your doctor on the testosterone intake and how it would affect your body. Ask him about other alternative methods that would improve your sex drive. Lastly, take the initiative of doing regular exercise and making more of the healthy foods.

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