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Wells Fargo company exposed over con games, buyers warned

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Wells Fargo, a company boasting of over 30 years experience, has been put on the spot for allegedly conducting what is believed to be an insider job. It is not the first time a complaint of a similar occurence been raised. This is what their latest ‘client’, Sandra Mudogo who is living in Kakamega, had to go through:

“Dear 254News,
There is this company called Wells fargo. I want to warn anyone who has the intention of using them.

We decided to use Wells Fargo’s alarm system because we thought it was the best option. So let me give you the reasons why we decided to install an alarm system. We had a burglary around October last year. So in Novemeber we had them install the system and we made all the necessary payments. Their staff kept on coming and doing the installations and everything, I think this is where the devil came in.

So for a few times it worked well then six months down the line when they knew sometimes someone is not around in the house juu(since) it’s armed during the day they decided to strike after ensuring we had gotten comfortable. We had a burglary again.

These are the reasons why we suspect it was an inside job. The previous day in their office they claim the alarm kept on going off so they kept on coming ati to patrol and check and remember us in the house it hadn’t sounded so we kept on wondering why they came and kept on saying the alarm had gone off.

Anyway we didn’t think much of it…And now come to think of it we suspect they were testing to see who is around and if they can manage to come and steal. So in the morning after we had armed like at around 7.

That day our house was broken into to our surprise Ati the alarm didn’t sound and imagine that alarm is so sensitive that even if you hit a window it will trigger it so they made away with our television and destroyed the house completely.

Wells Fargo company exposed over con games, buyers warned

Wells Fargo company accused of stealing from clients, buyers warned

So how would someone just break into the house with all the alarms on the vibration alarms plus motion sensors all on and they wouldn’t be triggered??

So they pretended that ooh they are on it, they even apparently brought their best technician to download information from the black box to prove that indeed we had armed.

Let me tell you even as I am writing today this best technician has not been able to do that. They have taken us round in circles because they know the possibility that it can be an inside job is high or that we had armed but apparently that day their own system was tampered with.

Since April we have gotten no solution. And I am not writing this because I am bitter with them. I am just trying to help anyone out there who would want to engage them that they should be careful with them. Especially when they bring the contract for you to sign please please read everything in fine print and both front and back. These people are not solid or trustworthy. Let the world know,”

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