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Warner Bros finally resumes production

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There is something about peeking into another realm that sends a ravishing shiver down one’s spine. The idea of gaining momentary amnesty of your world has a certain appeal to it. That is why we delve into games, synchronizing fully with our chosen characters, embracing that world within our screens. Whether it’s a football field, a space environ, a race track or the medieval era; the thrill of not belonging to our world for even a few hours is evident.

For many of us, Warner Bros has been a major film production company since our parents played “peek-a-boo” with us and rain drenched soil ( why do babies eat rain poured soil?) Legendary films and TV shows have graced our cassette players, televisions, DVD players, and now laptops/smart phones. Warner Bros helped us escape from reality.
When COVID-19 draped the globe crippling a colossal of businesses, the film industry also fell victim to the pandemic. Many film companies seized production sending a lot of people home. This led to a lot of heart clenching as fans all over the world suffered dissapointnents from their beloved films/shows.

With containment of the virus being enforced, varied businesses are resuscitating. Of course this is with the belief that they are upholding the restrictions placed by varied health departments. There have been several debuts this month of films that had sized production due to the pandemic. It was no surprise when fans began posing questions to the Warner Bros company regarding their production situation of long awaited TV shows.
When is the Warner Bros TV resuming production?

You know that blood pounding that occurs in your ears when something heinous is about to happen to your favorite character? Electric jolts spark within you and you find yourself quivering due to these surges. Ominous music fills the room and you squirm in your seat. Sometimes you snap your eyes shut and gnash your teeth due to the heightening anticipation. Then your mother decides she has had enough of you being silent and summons you to fetch toothpicks for her, she isn’t even eating at that moment but she is in dire need of toothpicks.

Warner Bros has gained a reputation for creating chest constricting content over the years. Whether it is a horror film like “The Conjuring” or a TV series like “Flash”, we all wind up invested in the story, waiting to be sucked into the abyss that is utter brilliance.

Warner Bros is planning to resume production of television shows between August 20th and August 27th in Vancouver. Several actors and actresses for the varied projects have been summoned through letters officially requesting them to avail themselves for the shooting of 2020 and 2021 seasons. They are to undergo quarantine for two weeks. Thereafter, they will resume production.

What are we looking forward to from the Warner Bros?

Marvel vs DC has been an ongoing debate for every superhero fanatic. It is very common to budge into a heated discussion over who is who in terms of heightened abilities. My favorite bicker is over who is the best villain, Thanos or Joker. Yes, I know, no brainer.

Well to DC fans, a lot of long awaited shows are resuming production. Shows such as “Flash”, “Superman and Lois” and “Legends of Tomorrow” are making their way back to us. Fans are ecstatic over this fact.

We were all saddened by the delayed episodes from “Supernatural”. It was like another lap was added when we were about to cross the finish line. Well, good news to all “Supernatural” fans! The final three episodes are resuming production this coming August.

Could there be any interferences with these productions?
As much as we are excited about this resumption, we have to keep in mind that all this is dependent on whether the Warner Bros team will adhere to the guidelines put in play by the Hollywood unions and guilds.
These safety guidelines were released in mid-June through a white paper. All sets from varied film entities are required to implement these guidelines. Failure to that, production cancellations will follow.

And there you have it! Warner Bros is finally getting back on its horse. We really wanted them to giddy up!

Bad news for Conjuring fans. The production of Conjuring 3 has been pushed for another nine months by Warner Bros. Yes, I feel your pain. I was hoping to choke on my popcorn too.

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