Want To Smell Good Down There? Follow These Easy Steps

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It is not a new thing for dudes to complain about a fishy smell in women down there. Most people make a joke out of it, and there’s so many “truths” on how a vajajay (female sexual organ) should smell. Growing up in an African set up where such sensitive talks are very much avoided and seen as shameful has made me become open. Well today I come to unearth the truths and untruths of what you should know as a woman and a man, dealing with women, girls and pass the knowledge. I’d would have liked to take all the credit for everything but truth be told I’ve combined the knowledge of a gynecologist friend of mine just to get the real deal, no half baked thing. 

So let’s get into it, you might have read somewhere or heard, that you do not need to clean your vagina and brush it off as urggghh that is absurd, well how true is it ? Fun facts: a vagina is a self cleaning organ, meaning this wonderful sexual organ does the work for us ladies. A vagina does this by ensuring it maintains normal PH balance which is slightly acidic. The importance of it is to ensure that it prevents the bad bacteria from infecting the vagina. So basically, it is true that you do not need to clean yourself down there because it does it by itself, however do take note that, as much as it is self cleaning, the outside parts are made of folded skins. Meaning when the vagina discharges fluids during the self cleaning process,they get stuck there which is very unhygienic. Let’s just say you cannot run away from water. So first things first, you already are aware that internally there’s absolutely nothing you can do it’s got you covered, however externally you’ll need to use warm water and mild soap.

So for you to know how to properly clean yourself down there, it is important to first understand how the organ works to begin with. Ensure that the water is not hot but warm and please note that all these products sold in the stores for cleaning the vagina are harmful, why? Because like I said earlier the organ is self cleaning, nothing should get in it, in the aim of trying to keep it clean because it will only tamper with the good bacteria that ensures everything goes well down there. The soap and water is only for the external parts of the vagina and the anus. Please ensure that you follow the wipe from front to back rule in any occasion, it is hygienic to break this rule to prevent infections. 

You may ask, so how should a clean and healthy vajayjay smell like? Simple, the natural way it should smell is how you smell after following the procedure above. Every body is different thus come with different odours. You should smell you and the moment you don’t smell the usual then that’s a red flag. Those fancy bubble baths, scented feminine products will do more harm than good. You may be exposing yourself from irritation, bacterial infections, allergic reactions just to mention a few  to top it all up, they do get rid of natural fluids that keep the vajayjay healthy. So what are some of those fluids? Well normal excretions appear clear or whitish in color and during menstruation reddish. So having other excretions such as yellowish fluids then you definitely should consult your gynecologist. 

As said explained, it is very normal to have vaginal discharges as long as the color is as said. Oh before I finish it is still good to ensure the well known pro tip of wearing cotton panties is put out clearly, this pro tip is underrated but from experience, thongs and laces are not only uncomfortable but also irritating down there. This is not just a girl talk session but also I feel it’s very important for men to know, after all single fathers do exist, fathers in general to be precise, husbands, boyfriends and all these men figures surrounding us. Remember I gathered these pro tips from a gynecologist who by the way is a man. There’s absolutely no Shame in being open to know more about your body, be it female or male.

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