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Wanga breaths life into a minor’s future

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(Hon Gladys Wanga with Austine Omondi Arunga)

Homa bay county woman representative Gladys Wanga on Thursday breathed life into the future of a minor’s future at Malongo Village, Sindo, Suba South, Homa bay county.

After scoring 357 marks out of the possible 500 marks and with no money to see him join HomaBay School back in 2018, he gave it a second try this time scoring 407/500 and got a place at the prestigious Kanga High School but was about to miss this opportunity too for lack of fees.

“Austine Omondi Arunga whom I met earlier today is a true mark of resilience, focus, determination and FAITH despite the hopelessness of your circumstance.” Wanga said

Ms Wanga’s office got this information and informed the county MP who breathed life into his future.

“I am glad my office got this information, we picked Austine from home, did his shopping and dropped him at Kanga this evening and will give a full NGAAF scholarship for the next 4 years. Wishing him all the very best in his studies”

Austine Arunga’s case is just a drop in the ocean. So many students got themselves in awkward moment with a number covering long distances on foot, bycle and other disturbing means to reach the schools they were meant to join. Some of them had nothing, few others had box with no fees, and one had box and two bar if soaps.

With the rising number of needy cases, one questions the criteria with which Elimu Government Scholarships Programme meant for 9,000 needy and deserving students who scored between 280 marks to 500 marks used to choose the students they picked.

This is Government initiative with full funding from the World Bank Sponsored programme, but why are we seeing tens of hundreds dtudents with very high marks and extremely needy and deserving, reporting to schools with with nothing?

“There is need to device a method of passing information even in small villages in remote areas, the information is power” George, a keen observer of this Elimu Government scholarship programme said.

“The people doing evaluation for this programme are so selfish and just pick their own candidates, I applied and for sure I was not even called for interview, what is the criteria for choosing the needy student and those coming from poor background? The ministry should come out clear on this” A victim raised the concern.

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