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Waiguru tells off Kibicho to Stop Fomenting Rebellion in Karinyaga (photos)

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Embattled Kirinyaga Governor, Anne Waiguru has publicly called out the Interior Principal Secretary Karanja Kibicho for fomenting the rebellion between the MCAs and executive wing of the county, hostile working environment, governor’s impeachment and ploy to make Kirinyaga ungovernable through sustained wrangles.

In a hard-hitting letter that further lay bare their differences the governor terms the PS moves catalyst to destructive politics in the county. “you have been a primary catalyst in the destructive politics that has been brand of the county” the governor says.

“I learnt with consternation that the ill-informed impeachment was done with your tacit support” the letter further states in relations with the recent governor’s impeachment in the county assembly and the subsequent senate trial which she was acquitted and exonerated by panel of senators led by Sen. Malala. According to the governor the PS, Kibicho was in full support of the impeachment despite stating otherwise in public.

Since the flop of the impeachment motion however, the governor is still under the wrath of the MCAs in the fresh move to dissolve the counties as well as the budget deadlock that has been protracted to the court a situation where the governor accuses PS Kibicho of instigating again.

‘You digitally took part in a meeting with over 20 MCAs who have ganged up and swore to make Kirinyaga ungovernable and I have confirmed with MCAs who were present that you took part and you urged them not to split’ the governor’s letter states.

The governor further states in the letter that the PS urged the MCAs to sustain the pressure in the county government so as to achieve the ‘objective’. Funding of boreholes from national government, rural road all0ocation through the KeRRA are some of the promises the PS made to the MCAs as a token in bid to destabilize the county.

In a clear sign of fatigue from the governor’s standpoint due to protracted and unending debacles, ‘your machinations are destroying the county’ the governor says in a letter to the PS indicating leeway for a truce as they are unable to build consensus with the MCAs as recently seen in the Budget process which the county assembly have since rejected and proposed a new one.

The governor fears service delivery compromise and county operations grinding to halt at the detriment of the people due to MCAs’s intransigence and sustained squabbles a move she terms unfortunate and regrettable.

The governor signs off the letter by extending the olive branch to the PS who hails from the region. ‘join me and other leaders in ensuring Kirinyaga reaches its potential’ in a rare glimpse that the governor is ready to bury the hatchet and step up service delivery to the people as she says she owe to the people.

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