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Urgent floods alert; many parts of the country to be affected

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Following the heavy downpour in the country over the past weeks, there are urgent floods alerts by government in many parts of the country. There are reports that lives have been lost in parts of West Pokot as a result of the flooding in the area.

The latest flood alerts have been issued in Lodwar town where the county government is currently alerting the locals.

“Residents of Lodwar and its environs are being warned of floods that are about to rock the area,” a resident of Lodwar told 254news.

The floods alert has been issued by the county government after heavy rainfall that have rocked parts of Eastern Uganda and West Pokot in Kenya. The message is passed through a vehicle which is going round the town.

Locals migrating as floods take charge in Lodwar

The river Turkwel which passes in the middle of Lodwar separating it into to; Town and Kanam Kemer is another major cause of floods in the area

Lodwar people are worst hit by this menace of floods year in, year out. Remember majority of the people of Lodwar live in semi permanent structures and it is such structures that are affected by floods since it destroys and carries everything with it.

It is reported that the last time the flood hit the area as a result of manmade error since the management of Turkwel dam failed to close the dam when it was full, lives were lost as two children were carried away by floods.

“A month ago, floods hit the town causing death of two people and destruction of properties” said a resident.

Signs of destruction left by floods last month.

Both county and national government have never bothered to compensate victims and their families.

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