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Uproar As Amerix and Maverick Aoko Suspended From Twitter

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Eric Amunga, alias Amerix, a masculinity coach and social activist Maverick Aoko became the talk of social media after they were suspended from Twitter on Tuesday, October 6.

Speaking to 254news.co.ke, Amunga revealed that he was suspended on copyright infringement grounds.

The patron of the popular #MasculinitySaturday trend on Twitter narrated that a user had accused  him of using his photo of President Uhuru Kenyatta taken during a video conference with Heads of State from the East African Community at State House in Nairobi.

Eric Amunga, alias Amerix during a past NTV interview. /TWITTER

“I was using it in a thread, similar to how Twitter users use photos of people for memes”. Amunga disclosed.

He added that the user took notice of it as copyright infringement and reported Amerix to Twitter for using it without his permission, which led to the suspension of his account.

A fact check then revealed that the photo in question belonged to the Presidential Strategic Communication Unit (PSCU) which is in charge of photographing President Uhuru as he carries out important duties.

The same photos are shared across social media platforms for use by various media houses.

Amunga has since lodged an appeal to Twitter to lift the suspension.

On the very same day, seasoned writer and social activist Maverick Aoko was suspended from Twitter, and efforts to reach her by 254news.co.ke bore no fruit.

Writer and social activist Maverick Aoko. /TUKO.CO.KE

Both personalities have been loved and hated in equal measure for their hard-hitting facts intent on making men realize their own worth from physically to financially.

While Amerix has been lauded for punishing men who prioritize women above themselves, Maverick Aoko has been attacking the controversial feminism in the country head on.

She made a bold statement on Friday, September 11 alongside former Hot 96 presenter Annitah Rey, agreeing that real feminism does not exist in Kenya.

Speaking during Dr King’ori’s Wicked Edition show on NTV, the two went on to explain their theory.

“A feminist is someone who believes in the social, economic and political equality of both sexes, not just women. The moment they made it all about women is where they lost the plot,” Rey declared.

“I agree with her, Feminism doesn’t exist in Kenya,” Aoko stated at the time.

Her statement came after Annita opined that the country was confusing toxic feminism for the real deal.

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