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University of Nairobi students, staff celebrate exit of their Vice Chancellor

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The university of Nairobi community has celebrated the exit of their vice Chancellor Prof Peter Mbithi.

The professor of veterinary medicine, Peter Mulwa Mbithi, had written to the university council to consider his automatic reappointment as vice chancellor for a second term, a request the university council has unanimously rejected saying an amendment to the Universities Act demands that appointment be based on a competitive process rather than through recommendation.

The council has opted to send him home effective July 6, 2019 to allow for the start of competitive recruitment of his successor.

Appointment of acting VC

The university of Nairobi council has appointed Prof Mbeche to be the acting Vice Chancellor time a new appointment is made.

Replacement as signatory

The university council has already replaced Prof Mbithi with Deputy Vice Chancellor Prof Isaac Mbeche as a signatory for all its financial transactions. Prof Mbeche will be a mandatory signatory to all banking facilities for the university effective June 28, 2019.

Insiders believe that Prof. Mbithi’s goose was cooked in his second year in office when he suspended his immediate deputy Prof Njoroge who at the time was the DVC in charge of academic affairs and Finance. He also suspended a number of both Teaching and non teaching staff who were dissenting on how the institution was being run; he mishandled 2016 students elections and post poll unrest that saw close to 240 students suspended and others expelled leading to formation of a vestigial, toothless and moribund student’s union; he abolished staff privileges like morning tea and put unnecessary limits in departmental expenditures; making uninformed decisions on how to tame students and staff unrest; having perennial and unresolved differences with UASU, extreme level of reduction in the institution’s annual revenue; Being a full time Nepotistic administrator; and above all failure to secure moral and managerial support from all university stakeholders including students.

“It’s only during this Administrative Transition and succession where comrades can RISE UP and ensure all their wants and wishes are catered for and exhausted before we see Mbithi’s heir.” A source remarked.

Mbithi’s exit has been supported both by students and UASU’s UoN chapter saying the “deep-rooted mismanagement, deep-seated corruption, rampant and horrendous abuse of office, abuse of workers’ rights, abuse of student rights and no respect for academic standards,” must come to an end and that compulsory leave for Prof Mbithi should be, “The beginning of the change process to streamline structural and human resources transformation to facilitate desired outcomes,”

According to UASU’s Nairobi Chapter Secretary General George Omondi, “The council must ensure leadership roles are assigned only to persons with the appropriate vision, aspirations and unquestionable integrity,” Omondi also recommended the need for “Accountability, incorruptibility, respect for the rule of law and impeccable capabilities”.

Prof Mbithi Mulwa Peter with a section of student leaders at a retreat in coast over the weekend.

Here are some of the remarks of students and alumni over Mbithi’s exit:

“No University VC has had so many people celebrating their exit like Prof Peter Mulwa Mbithi.

It is such a shame that Prof George Maghoha was succeeded by a failure like Mbithi.

And to the UNSA leaders who were bragging of having a “sober” union, be reminded again that you are the most useless and toothless union in the history of UoN. I hear you promised to bring a union bus and create an active parliament. But all you did was sing to Mbithi’s tune as he shared your photos on twitter during his blogging sprees.

To the current leadership, its time to bring back a new, sober and vibrant SONU. Enough of travelling outside the country and meeting governors in their offices for photo shoots. Get down to work.

Good riddance.” Posted Antony.

Adding that, “The only thing I will remember Prof Mbithi for is how he did everything to stop the Rt Hon Raila Odinga from delivering a public lecture within the university of Nairobi.

His dalliance with state house was at another level. He had to make frantic calls begging to have the planned public lecture by the PM at UoN’s Lower Kabete campus cancelled overnight. He also thwarted all our plans to organize for other public lectures at UoN’s Taifa hall.

His reasons? The PM was not a friend of the state.”

“Why can’t the state rescue him now?” He paused.

“Mbithi was a con, a witch, a failure and a colossal failure.” An alumnus observed.

“Mbithi must go.. Very inept lazy arrogant full of self, dishing out suspension and expulsion was part of his achievements among other belligerent and retrogressive acts..” Ouko said.

“Current student leaders, this war is half won, time for you to nail it. A chance in a life time.” Observed Apiyoh Apiyoh, former SONU leader.

“Prof Mbithi made University of Nairobi be like a high school. Imagine these days local security officers cane students in front of their girls who’ve come to visit them from Egerton and Moi, who want to take that advantage to stroll the city and see how Uhuru park and KICC looks like. The Prof should not be allowed back come what may.” David Kiasa.

“Prof. Mbithi you blocked us from vying for perceiving us too radical and hard to please but that has not prevented the winds that seem to carry the coup, which may likely remove you, to blow.” Kuria Maina

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