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Uhuru’s Niece Samantha Ngina Muthama Among Traders Named In The Covid-19 Supplies Scandal

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While bars are closed, Cessation of movement was quickly adopted in the country for months and now curfew which continues like coronavirus moves faster in the night, coronapreneurs were not asleep and their eyes were trading over the Sh223 billion Kenya secured as part of its Covid-19 pandemic fight.

Kenyans had hoped that with the above billions in the circulation of our economy during this hard time, there will be free masks, testing of Corona and PPEs to our medics but as at now people still pay thousands of shillings to get tested, they buy masks everyday and medics are still lscking quality PPEs. We have seen instances where medics in Kenya still buy PPEs.

In an exposé run by Daily Nation, Twelve firms were awarded contracts worth Sh3 billion by the Kenya Medical Supplies Authority (KEMSA) to deliver items that were not covered by the state agency’s 2019/20 approved budget as at June 4, 2020, with some multimillion-shilling irregular bids going to friends and well-connected individuals.

As if that was not enough, a revelation from Parliament indicates that a company called Kilig Limited which was registered in January 22 was handpicked and handed a Sh4 billion offer to supply hundreds of thousands of Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs). Each kit was to be delivered at an inflated cost of Sh9,000, from the then market price of Sh4,500.

The complete kit includes N95 masks, body suits, goggles, waterproof shoe covers and gloves. She was to supply 450,000 of each item.

According to Nation, the owner of Kilig Limited, is a vocal Jubilee politician, who has made his billions by securing contracts from government agencies and selling them to companies in exchange for 10 per cent cut.

So who is this “vocal Jubilee politician”?

Another company is Shop ‘N’ Buy Limited, registered on February 14, 2020 under Mr James Kipketer Chululey. The company was handed a Sh970 million contract to supply 100,000 PPE kits, each at an approximate price of Sh9,000, earning it revenues of Sh900 million. The company was also allowed to supply another 100,000 pieces of KN95 masks at Sh700 a piece

Ziwala Limited, which is owned by Ms Samantha Ngina Muthama and June Nduta Kinyua, equally received a piece of the Covid-19 billions.

It got a Sh84 million contract to supply 120,000 pieces of KN95 face masks, also at the inflated price of Sh700 a piece.


For starters Samantha Ngina Muthama who is mentioned in this KEMSA scam is a daughter to Nyokabi Muthama who was mentioned repeatedly in the sh5 billion Afya House scandal in 2016. Did they say like mother like daughter?

In 2016, former Prime Minister Raila Odinga had told Kenyans that the sh5 billion Afya house scandal is President Kenyatta’s scandal. And that he must deal with it as such. He must tell the country what he knows, when he knew it and what he did when he knew it.

The fearless Odinga boldly started in broad day light that “The Afya house scam is a continuation of what started with the NYS scandal where, again, family members and close confidantes of the President were implicated as direct beneficiaries in the theft from the youth of Kenya. Kenyans will recall that the president came out strongly to defend the Ministry of Devolution and the NYS deals long before they were investigated and proved to be scandals that they now officially are.” He said.

The President Kenyatta’s silence now is similar to his silence then and Mr Odinga did not hesitate to question it,

“Is the President silent on this and the many other thefts in the country because of this conflicted position? Is he giving up on the war of corruption because it has now entered his own inner sanctum? We have reasons to believe so.”

Seems Samantha Ngina Muthama and June Nduta Kinyua who are cousins as their mothers are that is Nyokabi Muthama and Kathleen Kihanya respectively, have been cultured into this new normal in the larger Kenyatta’s. and her cousin Nyokabi Muthama are also closely linked to the Kenyatta Trust. At the organisation, Nyokabi is a director while Kathleen is a mentor with President Uhuru as a Patron.

At the time Ziwala limited was registered, June Kinyua and Njau Muriuki were listed as directors. The two directors are niece and nephew to President Uhuru Kenyatta since their mothers Mumbi, Muriuki’s mother, and Kathleen, June Kinyua’s mother, are siblings.

The latest search of Ziwala limited Company details at the Registry that is dated 16th July 2020 shows the current directors and shareholders of Ziwala Limited as Samantha Ngina Muthama with 400 Shares and June Nduta Kinyua with 600 Shares. The two are using a common address: P.O. Box 19495 GPO Nairobi.

What surprises Kenyans is how June Nduta Kinyua, Kathleen’s daughter, and Samantha Ngina Muthama, Nyokabi’s Daughter, bagged such a lucrative deal in a state agency. Is Afya house the first family’s preferred cash cow?

It’s reported that this fresh scandal involving Uhuru’s close family members comes barely a month after another family member Peter Kihanya suddenly increased his shareholding in betting firm SportPesa just days after the gambling industry giant regained its license and sports betting taxes were waived by Treasury Cabinet Secretary Ukuru Yattani.

Peter Kihanya is an uncle to both June Nduta Kinyua and Njau Muriuki being the elder brother to their mothers Kathleen and Mumbi Kihanya.

June is named after their late grandmother Grace Nduta, mother to Josphat Muiruri Kihanya, their patriarch, who passed on in 2016.

On the father’s side, June Kinyua is the daughter of Ernest Kinyua Kamau (Director of Tea Holdings Ltd based in Limuru) whose father is former nominated MP Jackson Kamau Chege as per court documents filed in 2007.

June Kinyua, a University of Buckingham graduate, appears to be the eldest of the three cousins who are linked to Ziwala Limited.

In May, Health CS Mutahi Kagwe vowed to crush cartels in the Ministry of Health, but some very senior employees of the government who were perceived to be part of the cartels refused to be transferred. Seemingly, they enjoy protection from higher authorities, and Kagwe seems to have given up.

Despite the Ethics and Anti-corruption Commission (EACC) launching investigations into the Covid-19 billions, the investigations might not see the light of the day, like we have seen previously in scandals involving the first family, a source claimed.

It remains to be seen how the State House will react to this latest alleged scandal involving members of the first family.

In 2018, President Uhuru promised Kenyans that he will spare no one in the fight against graft.

“You can be my brother or my sister or my closest political ally but if you are corrupt we will fight you,” he then sensationally pledged.

But if the handling of the scandal involving Kathleen Kihanya and Nyokabi Muthama and their company is any precedent, nothing will be done to Ngina Muthama, June Kinyua and Njau Muriuki or their company Zawala Limited.

Also on the list is Wallabis Ventures Limited, owned by Ms Catherine Wanjiku Ndungu and James Njenga Ndungu. The firm got a Sh90-million contract to supply 10,000 PPE kits.

Events organising company Wanderjoy Party World Limited owned by Isaac Maina Wandere Kiboi and his wife and children and which supplied tents to Jubilee Party campaigns, catering services to Statehouse is now supplying interior ministry by serving tea and snacks to police officers manning roadblocks during Covid-19 curfew and lockdown hours, and providing mobile toilets to the police roadblocks. It’s the same firm which supplied ministry of health with tea and snacks costing sh4 million.

There was a mystery firm known as Accenture Kenya Limited which according to records at KEMSA was awarded to supply 12,000 PPEs, also at an approximate unit price of Sh9, 000 a piece, in a contract valued at Sh108 million.

Another mystery firm, Abyssinia Group of Industries (AGI), like others, was awarded a contract to supply 30,000 pieces of N95 face masks at a cost of Sh900 each. This will see the company make Sh27 million.

Then Bell Industries, which is owned by a Mr Titus Kirea Ibui and Mercy Karambu Ngeera, is also on the list of suppliers, after it got a tender to supply 15,000 PPE kits at a cost of Sh135 million, and 5,000 infrared thermometers at Sh10,000 a piece. In total the company would supply goods worth Sh185 million.

Medlife Biologicals Limited was handed two tenders worth Sh230 million to supply 200,000 KN95 masks and 20,000 disposable masks meaning a piece of disposable mask was going for Ksh90.

Nanopay Limited which is owned by a Mr Ahmed Rahim Mohamud Mohammed, got a tender to supply 50,000 pieces of KN95 face masks at Sh35 million.

Light Up Africa Limited, owned by Ms Emma Wanjiku Maina and Martha Wanjiru Thuku. It got a Sh25-million contract to supply 50,000 pieces of sanitiser in 500ml units.

Since it procures on behalf of public facilities, Kemsa has forced these expensive supplies on county governments and other public hospitals, when they can get the items at half the price on the open market.