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Trouble in Doctors’ Union KMPDU

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It is said that when you see a lion running out of a bush, do not rush to see what is chasing it. Instead, stand at a safe distance to see what comes out. That is practically what happened this week when a doctor sued the admins of the doctors’ union KMPDU Facebook group (The Real KMPDU) for removing and blocking him from accessing the group. In a letter seen by 254News and dated 21st November 2019, the doctor has sued the administrators of the union Facebook group for what he terms “discrimination and violation of his fundamental rights”. But just what is it that pushed the good doctor this far?

Doctors' union KMPDU
The letter addressed to the admins of doctors union KMPDU Facebook group

Our mole opines that being removed and subsequently blocked from the group has become a traumatic experience for doctors who are rightful members of the doctors’ union KMPDU. We are informed that a cartel of admins hurl unprintable insults and personal attacks against those removed. The fact that one is not able to defend oneself once removed worsens the situation. Recently, one doctor with profound Christian upbringing was labeled as a serial drunkard who is on the brink of running mad. The attacks against him started after he pointed out underhand deals that bordered on corruption. Although well meaning, the personal attacks left the young doctor with a rotten egg splashed on his face, with his church members beginning to question his faith. As a result, he is said to have stopped going to church due to the stigma he currently faces after the unceremonious expulsion from the group.

Source of trouble

What has been landing the doctors in trouble and earning them expulsion from the doctors’ union KMPDU Facebook group include;
– Questioning the lack of accountability and transparency with union funds
– Exposing the misappropriation of funds by the NEC and the branch officials.
– Questioning the legitimacy of the Union leadership whose term in office has run out but have refused to call for an election.
– Young doctors who express their feeling of being betrayed during the CBA negotiations and being denied employment.
– Highlighting the shortfalls of the current union and pushing the officials to call for an election.

The question that remains unanswered by fellow doctors is just whose interest do the cartels serve? And just what are they hiding to warrant the kind of attacks meted on anyone questioning anything?
Given the fact that the group was formed by the KMPDU Sec Gen Dr Ouma Oluga and his close associates, it is tempting to believe that the cartel are either protecting him or serving his interests. The cartels have since earned themselves the title “flower girls” by the union members.

Ugly face of Dr Oluga

In a sense, the legal suit has lifted the veil on the ugly face of the no nonsense unionist. What does he fear in being questioned by the people who elected him? Why is he averse to alternative opinions to the extent of unleashing insults to anyone with a contrary opinion to his? Whose interest do these intolerant people around him serve?

For a long time, it was believed that he was acting out of frustration by an obstinate government following the 100 day strike that ushered in a new CBA but left employment of doctors in shambles.
However, after a member of the gang was caught with his hands in the cookie jar of union coffers, there is little doubt what the gang has been trying to hide all along. A union official from Embu County, who is a close friend of the secretary general and one of the “flower girls”, is said to have withdrawn more than 0.5M within the last one month without concurrence with fellow officials. If this is what has been going on in the union, then probably it explains the paranoia that forces the admins to remove any suspecting eye from influencing the masses.

Calls for investigation

And now, members are calling on EACC and the DCI to urgently open investigations into the union books of accounts. They term this as an urgent move to save the union from the brink of collapse. According to our source, ” they (union officials) recently arbitrarily raised the union membership fees from 1000/- to 3000/- with no clear need for the extra cash. They have increased the pool from where they loot. We have to move with speed and stop them”.

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