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Transport CS Macharia, PA, ex-journalist named in a multi billion land scam

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After he was fired by the Standard media group due to the role he played in the NYS I, the former standard editor Mwaniki Munuhe has resurfaced as the right hand man for Transport, Infrastructure, Housing and Urban Development CS James Macharia in the parastatals world. It is reported that Mwaniki is currently having an empire worth over sh10 billion that he can’t explain its source.

Ms Kabura once said that she met journalists Kamore and Mwaniki, and Waiguru told her to give Sh10 million to Munuhe.

Between 2018 and now, Mwaniki who was a mere journalist is now owning several properties that he cannot account for. It took anonymous whistleblower to expose his ill acquired wealth by asking EACC sleuths to put Mwaniki under investigation if a letter to EACC CEO Twalib Mbarak is anything to go by.

According to the whistleblower, Mwaniki now has 4 houses, sh30 million each, in Kencom estate in Kiambu road. Three apartments in Thindigua bought cash also. Dove Cage Hotel on Mortar Dada street, Mercury lounge in ABC place westlands, and a hotel coming up at Rumuruti area rated at Sh800 million.

Mwaniki also owns Brand new 2018 showroom cars; Porsche cayenne, land rover discovery, Jaguar, Mercedes s500, BMW 5 series, Ford sedan and a Mercedes E 250.

Those on the know claim that he is the spanner boy to of the Transport CS James Macharia when it comes to big tenders. Controversial Nairobi- Nakuru- Mau summit road was won and awarded at Sh160 Billion to Rift Valley Connect Consortium (RVC) which is composed of three French firms Vinci Highways, Meridian Infrastructure Africa Fund, and Vinci Concessions. Vinci hosted Mwaniki Munuhe twice in France for over 19months. It is said Mwaniki is a frequent visitor to France to seal this deal.

Another tender is Mlolongo Westlands road being done by CRBC that’s supposed to go through Uhuru Park where Mwaniki is implicated. No rendering was done in the two multibillion tenders but were privately initiated through public-private partnerships to avoid competition. It is said that Naivaisha SGR land belongs to Kedong ranching land where Mwaniki’s father is a board member.

In the report filed by EACC, it insinuates that Mwaniki has bought a 6,000 acre parcel of land in his home area of Rumuruti in Laikipia worth sh1.3 billion, seperate from the land housing his sh800 million hotel.

The whistleblower is also accusing Mwaniki of being an accomplice and the link man handling kickbacks for the transport CS James Macharia who’s on record dismissing the plight of Mombasa residents over the SGR stand-off that they say is rendering the coastal economy a corpse.

As if the wealth of Mwaniki is not enough, Mwaniki’s father is entangled in a Sh3.4B SGR compensation scandal. A battle has been brewing between a group of land owners and directors of a land buying company which owned majority share in the expansive Kedong’ Ranch in Naivasha.

Muhatetu Farmers, mainly comprising Mau Mau descendants, are enraged at the decision to sell their 40.66 shares in the 75,000 acres’ ranch soon after it emerged that the standard gauge railway would be traversing the property.

Mwaniki Senior(the father) is the chairman of Muhatetu farmers company that was the majority shareholder of Kedong ranching and also a board member of Kedong ranching in his capacity as the chairman of the biggest shareholder of Kedong ranching.

The bitter farmers accused their directors for having hatched a scheme to sell their shares at a paltry Sh2.1 billion to a third party when it emerged that the planned Naivasha dry port was to be constructed on the same piece of land, sidelining them from a hefty compensation deal from the government.

The group petitioned the National Assembly to scrutinise the deal riddled with irregularities beyond its disputed value of Sh2.1 billion in a move that may stand on the way of the mega port to be set up in Naivasha.

The largely vast and bushy piece of land became attractive to investors seeking to make a kill from the sleepy farmers tucked miles away in Nyahururu once the second phase of the SGR started.

The scheme was well planned by first locking out the shareholders from any annual general meetings for five straight years.

The directors then made the scheme to sell the shares and divided the members so skilfully that they could hardly unite to push back.

For poor villagers in Nyahururu, cheques in the upwards of Sh400,000 were godsend.

Little did they know that they were being fed remnants of the multi-billion deal.

By this time, the SGR line had passed through the piece of land the 1000+ farmers jointly owned and the fat compensation was no longer coming their way.

The Naivasha dry port, for which the government recently allocated Sh3.4 billion, was also going to sit on the property, another missed opportunity.

Transaction details also show that while Newell Holding Limited bought the shares on August  23, 2017, farmers started receiving cheques drawn on August 2, meaning the money preceded the sales; another twist that makes the shareholders suspicious that the directors may have played a dirty trick on them.

According to the whistleblower report shares worth sh2.4 billion belonging to more than 1000 members of muhatetu farmers were sold. Mwaniki’s father is alleged to have stolen Sh800m of farmers’ money and bribed his way through the court cases filed by the members.

The whistleblower further insinuates that the shares were bought by a Kinyanjui of Magnate Ventures and Rahab Mungai who sold Delta Hotel to embattled Kiambu Governor Waititu who’s under graft investigations and Mwaniki Munuhe is a shareholder. This they did so that they could sell the SGR land owned by Kedong to the government for a premium.

Mwaniki’s father swindled poor farmers wealth so that his son and his friends could benefit from GoK land compensation money. According to documents in our possession, the shares sold at Sh2.4B were worth Sh8B and there was no AGM to approve the sale, then they shareholders of Muhatetu farmers still lost more money by Mwaniki’s father stealing from them.

The report further reveals that Mwaniki has offshore accounts in Dubai and Mauritius that Irene Nanayu who is Macharia’s PA and Macharia’s supposed kickbacks recipient. In the bank details, Vinci, China Communications Construction, CRBC and other Chinese Companies using proxies, have been allegedly making suspicious deposits to Mwaniki’s offshore accounts.

Same document also implicates the CS Macharia to the botched mobile clinic project that was the Sh5 billion Afya House scandal. The mobile clinics that are lying in waste in Mombasa which were imported by Estama Investment Limited owned Njage Makanga, the husband to Irene who is Cs Macharia’s PA.

Macharia was the CS for Ministry of Health when this mobile clinics were procured and Mwaniki is the one who hides and invests kickback money for Irene and Macharia and Makanga according to the whistleblower letter to EACC.

The report firmly implicates the Transport CS Macharia as having close links with the accused Mwaniki. It alleges that Mwaniki uses his closeness with CS Macharia to influence and manipulate parastal chiefs.

it has been reported that when Mwaniki went to pay his dowry about two months ago in Garden Estate, the DCI Kinoti was amongst the wazees who took him and negotiated for the Ruracio. Munuhe is reportedly bragging amongst his peers as untouchable given his close links with the CS Macharia and the DCI.

A source familiar to the happenings behind the curtain insinuates that both CS Macharia and his spanner boy is vouching for Vincent Sidai to be confirmed for the position of general manager infrastructure, development to replace Manduku in a fierce boardroom war.

The report alleges that the CS with his henchman Mwaniki are determined to implicate and oust the KPA MD Manduku and sacrifice him as they continue with their deals.

Mwaniki is also whispered to be bragging about his close ties to Uhuru’s David Murathe, Nancy Gitau both of whom he’s accused of a multi billion scam tender in KPA. The whistleblower goes ahead to task the EACC to investigate Mwaniki, his questionable wealth, links to the CS Macharia.

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