Today is Africans Child Day

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Every June 16, the world takes its time t to celebrate every African child from different parts of Africa East, West, and South. Although this is a different ordeal, considering we are all fighting this COVID-19 and issues of black protesting. The United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF), formerly the United Nations International Children Emergency Fund, argues everyone in the world to take part in this special day. This can be done in different ways. One could be you start an initiative to save one child in Africa, either by providing food, shelter, or clothing. It can even go as little as printing out posters to spread the need to celebrate our African children.

In Kenya, for example, children receive free primary education, free healthcare for under five years, and improved child protection services. All this goes a long way in honouring the African Children’s day.

Take your time to understand the children in the slums. Korogocho, for example, hosting about 200,000 people living in poor conditions. Children are reported every day to have contracted some disease, and some do not even know how the walls of a classroom; others do not also get the most basic needs. Now is the time to stretch a helping hand to the less privileged in the society, honour them because today is their day, and they should be celebrated.

The global pandemic has resulted in a quick shift, especially in the education sector. Education systems are now going online. In Kenya, for example, a survey by Kenya Institute for Curriculum Development (KICD) acknowledged that out of 10 persons, only seven would receive digital education. By digital learning, it means listening to Television, from the radio or even the internet. The statics are shown to decorate respectively.

Online learning has left out the less privileged African children who are busy learning to survive in this harsh environment. All these children know and are very, much conversant with is traditional learning and not this online classrooms.

Yet again, this African children’s day has the international community thinking about the neglect of children’s rights. Let us face it; most African countries tend to sway more on corruption than following the stipulated law. Now, let me ask you how many children in your area have dropped out of school because of unwanted pregnancies that came about because of rape?

It is not only rape that is the critical dichotomy of injustices, but we also see the mistreatment of children. A case a while back, a child was beaten to death just because of not issue the exact change to the parents. This is not because the child used up the remaining money, but on his way home, the child lost it. In a case scenario, it is not worth showing your anger to your child to the extent of beating them to death. Just hold a small meeting with them and try to discuss the issue; this cannot be so hard to do. Remember, children are still on the verge of learning, and beating or maltreating them is not an option.

Today is the day to stop all you are doing and start putting yourself in your shoes to that one African child out there who is not as privileged as you are. It is not too late to visit a children’s orphanage or even providing for them. Stretch your hand and it will entirely go a long way to that one African child.

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