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Tiwa Savage And Seyi Shay Beef Rekindled

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Tiwa Savage And Seyi Shay Beef Rekindled

Tiwa Savage And Seyi Shay Beef Rekindled

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Just as we are drawn to following celebrities, human nature is also to credit for the way we can’t seem to look away when people fight.

Whether it’s a simulated video game or a ridiculous World Star Hip Hop fight video in a school cafeteria, or even fighting for sport like boxing or MMA, we tune in.

Maybe it helps us release our own pent-up negative energies watching other people release theirs.

Maybe it’s a natural behavior to enjoy when others butt heads, both literally and figuratively.

Now mix two of our subconscious favorite things together: celebrities and fighting, and the result is the perfect guilty pleasure.


We already have preconceived notions about our favorite celebrities — the type of people they are, the good qualities they probably have, their midnight snack food of choice.

The beef

Tiwa savage and Seyi Shay’s rekindled an old beef after they recently came face to face at a hair salon.

The two African sensational singers exchanged words in a video making rounds on social media.

According to Tiwa Savage Seyi Shay walked up to her to say ‘Hi’ but Tiwa Savage was having non of that, calling out Seyi Shay for saying things about her in interviews.

Tiwa went ahead to remind Seyi of how she dissed her with her own version of Kiss Daniel’s 2019 ” F.. k you” challenge.

Seyi Shay sang: “You say you be my sister, but you wan collect my lover. You know I’m not Savage, I pay my bills.”

Tiwa Savage also accused Seyi Shay of teaming up with Kenyan Singer Victoria Kimani to diss her in a song Tiwa issued a stern warning to Seyi Shay that she should never come to her under a pretence she wants to reconcile.

The mother of one even swore by her son,Jamil, noting that she has never tried to cross Seyi’s path in the industry or made any attempt to ruin her chances of getting gigs.

Here say

Unconfirmed rumors have circulated placing Wizkid at the center of the feud.

In 2014 Seyi Shay featured the star boy artiste on her single “Crazy” and was rumoured to have dated briefly.

She however dismissed these rumours claiming that Wizkid is her distant cousin.

You might also recall that between 2018 and December 2019 there were public hints of sizzling romance between Wizkid and Tiwa Savage.

They even appeared together in Wizkid’s video for “Fever” which broke the Nigerian internet.

This has been the speculated origin of the two year long Tiwa Savage and Seyi Shay beef

Whose side are you taking on this Drama between Tiwa Savage and Seyi Shay?