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Tips on how to travel on a tight budget and places it could take you

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We all at some point want to travel somewhere exotic and new. With the lock down restrictions uplifted, you sure want to sprang out and have some good time.

Today we going to check out on the top-rated tourist attractions in Kenya and you sure won’t miss on a place to pop in. This is because Kenya is enticingly diverse with a snow capped mountain, lush plains, talk of the rich Savannah, the Great Rift Valley, white sandy beaches and the arid desserts.

Kenya is just a wholesome destination that has everything you need for your vacay with your family thus we going to look at the best family destinations that Kenya has to offer.

Mount Kenya Safari Club

This is a club full of awesomeness night at the foot of the majestic Mt. Kenya. You sure wouldn’t ask for more when you wake up to the sight of the snow-capped mountain which is Africa’s 2nd tallest mountain.

Your family will have a lot on board given that they could have a trip to the neighbouring Nanyuki town or even to the surrounding greenery and orphanage.

Karura Forest

It being one of the late Prof. Mathai’s achievements when she fought for it couldn’t make it any less famous.

It places as the most beautiful place natured has had to offer to Nairobi. Its worth the place to relax and breathe in the fresh air. One could go about this place on horseback as you and your family explore. Its Flora and fauna is sure is a talk of town.

Nairobi Arboretum Grounds

This place will bring you the inner peace you deserve. Its so close to the city centre in that its only 10 minutes away. It offers dozens of nature walks, picnic tables and enough space to have a great peaceful family fun day. You really have no reason to miss out.

Maasai Mara

The Maasai Mara reserve is an obvious destination for many. It offers such great sunlight that you have to losen up and bask in the sun.

The Big Five should also be one of those reasons you headed here. Take a game drive through the expansive Maasai Mara and discover the beauty of nature. Wait till you experience a Rhino chasing you down your Safari Vehicle, then you would have lived.

Paradise Lost

Heard of the phrase ‘najivunia kuwa Mkenya?’ Well, Paradise Lost tops on why you should be happy and proud to belong here. Just off the city limits, Limuru is the place that homes the great Paradise Lost.

It boasts of beauty and serenity. One could explore on the caves, take a boat ride, see enchanting waterfalls, talk of the ancient trees and rarest bird species it offers. You just should be there already with your family.

Splash Water World

With the unplanned holiday for the kids, they sure are now bored in the house and would love to chill out. Worry no more. Splash Water World is one a destination for them.

The pools there, the water slides, face painting and all that the children would want to partake in is offered here. Your child will remember this place for ages. What’s more, it has concession stands for the parents to hang out as the kids have a time for their lives.

Shela Beach, Shela

The beach is dune fringed and is very peaceful and calm for family vacation. Good thing about Shela Beach is that it is not busy or as congested as other beaches in the area.

It offers great leisure walks along the sand as one looks for shells. One could opt for a fun-filled camel ride with the locals as the guides. Your family will sure thank you for taking them here.

Indeed Kenya has a lot to offer. It boasts of lots of destinations to mention but a few.

With the destinations now stated out, you sure would want to check on what budget you working from. Take a look at these steps that you to consider when setting your budget;

i) Plan ahead

The longer you wait, the more expensive it gets. From airplane tickets, hotel reservations and even travel packages. Plot out your destinations early enough and pick on those deals now.

ii) Travel off-peak

Sticking to off -peak times to travel sure cut on cost. If you can, plan your trip during an off-peak season. You will save big. What you should note is that peak times do vary depending on the destination.

iii) Expand your search to nearby airports and towns

If you travelling by air, then it is much cheaper to fly into a lesser known airport or airstrip or into a different city entirely then pick on public transport to get you to your actual destination.

Have a little extra research to find out local train ticket prices and taxi fares

iv) Choose a hotel alternative

A luxurious hotel is what everyone would opt for, all full of fresh white sheets and sparkling walls. This will cost a dime and we sure want to cut on this. We working on a tight budget for sure. Have a look on the other variety of hotels available to travellers at a cheap price.

v) Avoid dining out

Have with you a nice packed lunch or snacks to nosh out on your trip. Restaurants are a great deal but goes with hundreds of extra dollars in it. This saves you money and what’s more, you won’t have to derail your day by stopping at a cafe.

vi) Check out for discounts

If you are planning to hit a hot destination during your stay, be sure to check out for ddiscount sites to see how you might be able to save. All you got to do is browse up.

vii) See what’s free

Every destination has a ‘must-see’ location and often has a price tag with it. Pick one or two must see spots and fill the rest of your days with free alternatives. Parks could offer a great place to catch some scenery and have a free show. Have a research before your trip and check on places that offer free or discounted days .

For a heads up, if you want to have a thrilling junket away from a regular safari trip, then you sure are contacting the following Kenya Travel

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With all these, have a nice trip and enjoy every part of it.

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