This is Why Your Lady Will Fall For a Boda Boda Man Without Your Knowledge

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By Muchiri Machua

Boda boda [Motorbike riders] are well known for their basic services, transporting people from one point to another, especially on roads with fewer matatus. Also people often prefer boda boda to matatus during pick hours when there is traffic on roads.

Boda boda riders have also become so famous among many women and school girls. It has become so easy for a boda boda rider to lure his passenger into his love trap. Reasons being;

They are commonly known as masters of vibing. They have interacted with various customers, naughty, arrogant, shy and so forth. Therefore, they have mastered their own strategies to make sure that they make them feel cared for.

Customer loyalty
Preferring a certain boda rider. A reason could be the fact that he has skills in driving or he handles customers well or maybe he offers discount to her as result of loyalty. This moves on until the lady gets the phone number to that boda rider, and you known what follows next, vibing.

Ladies believe that they never get broke
They make money on a daily basis not on a monthly basis, especially those who own the bikes, thus for a lady with a monthly pay, it is quite supplementing to have such a guy.

Men believe their women are not easy go
Men always assume their women cannot lower their standards to go with a boda boda guy. But, women find this an advantage to a level of calling the rider to her home.

Women believe they are performers
Women believe that since they are used in doing hard work, it makes them good performers when it comes to lovemaking.

Free rides
Women, especially school girls grab this opportunity with both hands. If he can give you a free ride to – fro school or workplace, it is always a given best consideration thing by women.

They are readily available
Women end up falling for these guys because they are available when needed, just a phone call and in few minutes he hoots at your doorstep.

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