These 5 careers are most hired in 2020

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The labor market is drastically changing and shifting due to a larger extent technological advancement and innovations. The demand in certain fields is diminishing while in others the demand is at an all-time high hence need to be conversant with very well to cope up with change or add a skill. The good news is, at the age of technology, you can pick a skill or two at your own time as the materials can be easily accessed.
Here are the careers;

Physicians are naturally fewer in numbers due to low numbers admitted to medical schools resulting from the high grade level required. Besides treating and counselling the patients from various illnesses or injuries they are now at the forefront fighting the global pandemic. United States government for example through the State Department issued a notice early in March that they need physicians and other health workers from across the globe in providing enough manpower to battle pandemic hence proving the demand that physicians have. They can be consulted as well as working in private clinics

Nurse Practitioner
The physicians and nurses work hand in hand and when the demand for the former is high then due to direct proportionality, the demand of nursing practioners is high as well. From the government hospitals, private clinics as well as care homes, nurses have greatest demand in labor market. The foreign nationals’ nurses working for the United Kingdom healthcare through NHS have been given special status by the government due to importance of the work they are doing even in the wake of COVID 19

Professional Counselor/therapist
The counselors have specific areas they deal with. There is marriage counselor, mental health therapist, financial counselor and so on. These professionals are highly needed in the society at the moment due to rise and rise of cases of mental illnesses, gender based violence, marital or family feuds and disputes and financial literacy. The millennial and young professionals take counsels from these professionals often.

Software Developer
We cannot talk of technological advancements and not talk about software developers who make that happen. From the Robotics, Speech recognition, Artificial Intelligence, Mobile Development and Web Development, software developer are the ones powering this field. Being a relatively new field, there’s high demands for professionals and great talents that can spearhead innovations in the field. Corporations, businesses are all shifting their operations over the web and that obviously need the developers to develop applications, test and maintain them.

Information Security analyst
The operations of the most companies have shifted to the internet as the technological use is shaping the world. However, there are risks as the internet scammers, identity robbers, cyber-terrorist can attack or compromise the important data and assets of the companies. So the information security professionals are needed to put in measures to safeguard the company’s infrastructure over the web. They are task with conducting system audits and reviewing the safety of the data over the internet.

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