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The Untouchable Jonah Manjari, KEMSA CEO

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There is a dangerous foul play going on at Kenya Medical Supplies Authority (KEMSA), not even the DCI can stop it. One year into office, the KEMSA CEO Jonah Manjari Mwangi has been repeatedly accused of abuse of office but no action is taken against him because he is a well-protected man. He always boasts of being protected by Health CS Sicily Kariuki.

CEO Jonah Manjari Mwangi was appointed as KEMSA CEO in 1st July 2018. Prior to his appointment he was the County Executive Committee Member for Health in Nakuru County, a post he served since 15th November 2017.

Those who know his dealings claim that he shares his proceeds with DP Ruto and CS Kariuki.

Recently he handpicked a firm to supply reagents and consumables for use under the controversial leased medical equipment under the Managed Equipment service Programme that stands at sh63 billion.

Not long ago, KEMSA CEO Jonah Manjari could not exhaustively explain to the Senate ad-hoc committee when he was tasked to explain why KEMSA single-sourced Angelica Medical Supplies Limited was handpicked to supply reagents in the Sh63 billion Managed Equipment Services (MES) programme instead of tendering for the services.

Cornered Manjari admitted that KEMSA had given the contract to a company called Angelica Medical Supplies Limited to supply the products. Angelica is an agent of two firms; Belco S.R.L (Medtronic) and Carestream Healthcare Inc., this is the same company that supplied renal and radiology equipment to selected hospitals across the country under the MES programme.

Counties did not receive the full disclosure on the contracts entered into on their behalf with the company, but each of the 47 counties was compelled to procure the commodities from Angelica through the medical agency.

It is reported that the counties have so far spent Sh107 million in procurement since the equipment were supplied to the devolved units in 2015.

“The reagents and consumables we talking about are machine-specific. The counties could not have procured them from any other place. We contracted Angelica because we were referred to them by manufacturers of these equipment,” Manjari told the committee.

There is more than meet the eye when a reputable company such as KEMSA could opt to go for the direct tendering. This has always been a way of siphoning public money in the programme. One year into office and Manjari is already hitting headlines?

It is said that Mr Manjari always favours the elites the Kenyatta’s sisters, Ruto in tenders.

Was this a KEMSA hit?

It is now emerging that the police officer who was killed together with a Uber driver in Ruaka was an employee of KEMSA. It took saddique Shaban of Standard Media group to ask why the two were killed before former Kiambu Governor revealed more on the issue.

Saddique asked;

“Is this another typical police murder casually executed with impunity? Was the felled cop a criminal? Was there any shootout as alleged by police? Who were the complainants? Where’s the evidence? Was firearm in fact an officer’s legit service weapon? Why is @DCI_Kenya quiet?

“Why was Etiang, a police officer, and his Uber driver, rained with 17 bullets? Why did Ruaka police hurriedly pitch the story to the media just minutes later? Did the media conduct any due editorial deligence before publishing this cold-blooded murder?

“Did rogue flying squad police officers in Ruaka take down a fellow constable police officer, Daniel Etyang, and an Uber driver, in a cold blood murder on Friday and labelled them dangerous thugs? Why was this officer clinically shot 12 times and Uber driver 5 times?”

Then Kabogo replied while claiming that the slain officer was not a robber, he knew him on a personal level having worked with him before he was moved to Kenya Medical Supplies Agency’s (KEMSA) MD.

“The late Etyang was my assistant for four years, thereafter worked with the MD KEMSA. I can swear he was not a robber, that’s nonsense, cold-blooded murder. The killers should face the full force of the law,”

A similar issue was raised by a Facebook user Karanja Muchai.

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