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The Truth About Babu Owino’s Shooting Incident

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(Embakasi East Member of Parliament Babu Owino)

Embakasi East Member of Parliament Babu Owino, a controversial man by all standards is being held by the Police at Milimani police for allegedly assaulting and shooting a B-club DJ, Felix Orinda alias Evolve, in Kilimani area, Nairobi.

This was after an altercation over a damsel, sources say.

George Otieno, the B-Club’s security manager, while filing a report with the police at the Kilimani Police station indicated that Babu Owino removed his gun and shot Felix Orinda at the neck at 7am inside the nightspot.

Felix Orinda was then rushed to Nairobi Hospital for ’emergency care’ by B-Club’s management. Babu Owino followed him at the hospital where he was immediately arrested and taken to Kilimani police station awaiting charges in court.

“DCI officers are currently probing the matter, and the suspect will be arraigned once the investigations are concluded,” Philip Ndolo, the Nairobi police boss said in a statement.

The attempts of his close associates to divert attention of Kenyans by claiming that it was “a botched assassination attempt on Embakasi East Mp Babu Owino in Nairobi yesternight left one person with gunshot injuries. Babu Owino was acting in self-defense. The DJ is the one who removed a gun ready to shoot. Babu is innocent” has not better the situation he is in as Kenyans already know the person of Babu Owino.

A source has intimated that detectives are not leaving anything to chance either.

However, his lawyer Cliff Ombeta has since scattered away what police and the club’s management had reported.

First the lawyer is claiming that his client Babu Owino “was approached in a non-friendly manner by someone he considered a friend and physical fight ensued,”

Two, he is alleging that it was Babu Owino who took the victim to hospital, “It is Babu who took the victim to hospital and the latest is that the DJ is stable. He even paid for the medical bill and has vowed to continue paying.”

And on shooting reports, he said, “It is something that is regrettable but needs to be investigated further,”

The CCTV footage released by the club shows Babu Owino in orange t-shirt shooting at someone believed to be the DJ before dragging him out of the club.

Babu Owino who began his politics from University of Nairobi where he served for several years before being elected as Embakasi East Member of Parliament is a man who in all the occasions desperate for attention and fame.

His kind of leadership is that which is aiming at suppressing others and gaining everything in his name, violence and hooliganism.

“The politics of violence and hooliganism has been part of him..I have never subscribed to his political philosophy of personality cult where you worship a person and rain violence and abuse to whoever has divergent views” Wayong’o Ignatius

Babu is not knew to controversies since he began this lifestyle wayback in campus. A statement by his former colleague, Wakoli Kunani, paints a picture of a very dangerous man:

“This is not the first time this Babu Owino boy is misusing the gun. In April 2016, during SONU election, while our team tried to block him and his goons from rigging SONU elections at KNH campus, he aimed a gun at my chest, I dodged and the bullet hit the wall. I missed the bullet by a few inches. During those violent fracas, they forced my friend Harold Mugozi Wuod Sophy to jump through the window on the second floor, down to the concrete ground, hurting himself so badly.

“We know the brutality our friends Alex Matere, Mike Jacobs, Steve Biko Oyugi, Philbert Kongola Real, Ben Sirkal the late OCS Ragira and many others have endured in the hands of this cunning criminal.

The list of people who have sustained permanent injuries and lost lives is endless.

“This is a fraudster, drug peddler, scammer and dangerous criminal who should be cooling his butts in the chambers of GoK Kamiti Max’ Prison, and not in the August House.

Our hope now is to see that justice is served to the innocent, harmless DJ who is currently battling with a bullet in his neck. We want to see him inflicted with same pain and suffering he has inflicted DJ Felix.” Wakoli Kunani

In 2017, Babu Owino did not spare the Kenyatta family where he abused president Uhuru Kenyatta as the son of a dog.

This did not go well with the Kenyatta family. He had to spend several days in and out of the police custody. He was at the verge of losing everything including his Embakasi East seat were it not for the plan that was hatched by President Kenyatta’s niece Nana Gechaga who allegedly made an arrangement of the controversial legislator to see the former first lady Mama Ngina Kenyatta at her Gatundu home.

In 2019 during the by-election in Kibra, Babu Owino allegedly took monies from Deputy President William Ruto to help mobilize votes for DP’s candidate MacDonald Mariga. The deal entailed not campaigning for the ODM party candidate Imran Okoth for at least 10 days, going slow on Mariga his social media pages and also not attending the last rally in Kibra.

He was forced to fake sickness by visiting Aga Khan hospital for photos while sleeping on Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machine to fool his so called supporters.

The ODM party MPs got wind of this and was not given a chance on the voting day. This forced him to make technical appearance for photos and TV interviews before disappearing in the thin air fearing the wrath of Dagoretti North MP Simba Arati who was heading the ground operations.

Few days after the Kibra by-election, Mr Owino claimed that his life was in danger and proceeded to report the assassination claims to Parliament Police Station under OB number OB21/17/11/2019 at 17:28hrs.

“I have been living under the weight of intimidation and threats by my political opponents.” He said in a statement.

Sources believed that the people he allegedly took their monies on Kibra by-election related reasons were probably the ones pursuing him.

The Kibra matter aside, Babu Owino has been consistently causing havoc on his fellow parliamentarian both from his ODM Party and Jubilee as well if his recent remarks on the person of Kandara MP Alice Wahome and Nairobi county Woman Rep Esther Passaris is anything to go by.

It’s high time the averagely young MP is brought to book irrespective of his stand on the Building bridges initiative. The law should be let to take its course undeterred.

“Let Babu Owino clear his name on the shooting. We have a lot of issues to deal with.” Is what majority of Kenyans are saying in low tones. As to whether the authorities would heed the majority’s wish remains to be seen.

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