The Star Newspaper compromised to delete Uhuru-Waiguru love denial article to cement Waiguru’s love for Kamotho Waiganjo

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(President Uhuru Kenyatta wishing newly wed Lawyer Kamotho Waiganjo and Waiguru well)

In a country where citizens glorify thieves and reward them with plum jobs, the likes of Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru who would otherwise charged and if found guilty, culpable put in jail as assets recovery unit take back that which belonged to the state are now ‘cutwalking’ scot-free.

When you thought this would stop any soon, her eyes are carefully trading on the Deputy President positions or worse still, the deputy prime minister position come 2022 if the proposals in the BBI process will succeed through referendum.

Within no time, a lady who was accused of stealing sh791 million and had to resign for lighter duties has now become a force to reckon with in Mt Kenya region and has hinted several times that she would not defend her seat.

It’s not easy to understand why arresting and charging Waiguru has been so hard for detectives. Ask Alfred Keter the frustrations he was subjected to when he tried impeaching Anne Waiguru.

President Uhuru Kenyatta had to call an emergency and closed-door meeting with North Rift Leaders at the Eldoret State Lodge where he asked them to go slow over the Waiguru case. And since Keter never attended the said meeting, he left him words that he should stop creating unnecessary disturbance in his government by antogonising the then devolution cabinet secretary Anne Waiguru.

“He warned Mr Keter against his move to impeach Ms Waiguru, saying it was aimed at undermining his government…Tell him (Mr Keter) to use the Constituency Development Fund to develop his constituency and stop meddling in government affairs, because no one has consulted him on the issue,” a source who attended the meeting was quoted saying.

It took the efforts of Opposition Leader Raila Odinga for Anne Waiguru to be given lighter duties. Mr Odinga had accused Waiguru of being President Uhuru’s protectorate;

“The protection Ms Waiguru is enjoying clearly demonstrates that the NYS scam is President Uhuru Kenyatta’s scam and its chief architect Anne Waiguru is his protectorate,” Odinga said.

Waiguru has come a long way with President Uhuru Kenyatta. He first met her when Waiguru was still a student.

You will recall that when Mr Uhuru Kenyatta vied for Gatundu South on KANU ticket and lost to Moses Mwihia of Liberal Democratic Party in 1997, it was Anne Waiguru who was on his side. The two moved together to the Tourism Board where Uhuru was appointed the Chairman of Kenya Tourism Board in 1999. When he was nominated to Parliament in 2001 after the resignation of the late Mark Too, Anne Waiguru moved with him. When he was nominated as the Minister of Local Government before Moi engineering his election as the First KANU National Vice Chairman, Waiguru was on his side.

In the above photo, the then Finance Minister Uhuru Kenyatta and the then Treasury Executive Anne Waiguru with former Government Chief Whip George Thuo.

In 2002, Anne Waiguru was with Uhuru Kenyatta when he lost to Kibaki. They later served as the opposition leaders. She was there when Uhuru became Deputy Prime Minister in 2008. And when President Uhuru Kenyatta formed his government in 2013, Anne Waiguru became a cabinet secretary. In 2017, it is believed that President Kenyatta supported her to become the first female Governor of Kirinyaga county.

The chemistry, bond between President Uhuru Kenyatta and Anne Waiguru had become too strong that in November 16, 2015, President Kenyatta had to defend himself that they are not having a thing;

“There are those who keep on making wild allegations claiming that Waiguru is whatever to me, or so many other things, but I have mine and I don’t need another one,” said Uhuru.

The Star which featured the above story prominently had since deleted their online version amidst threats and bribery claims.

Political commentators led by Makau Mutua went on to blame the head of state over these remarks.

“I am shocked Kenyatta could wade into such a demeaning conversation. The man either has terrible advisors, or he doesn’t think through his statements before he speaks. I know Kibaki denied that (Mary) Wambui was his wife, but he didn’t so only under duress from Lucy. Why would Kenyatta give credence to rumours if they aren’t true?” He weighed in.

Adding, “His comments weren’t Presidential at all. He should sack Waiguru instead of sinking this low to defend her. Such statements and intransigence only increase the suspicion that there’s more than meets the eye between him and the CS. I think the man has a loose tongue and unbridled anger.”

Sources say, the Star Newspaper deleted the story ahead of Anne Waiguru’s wedding with lawyer Kamotho Waiganjo.

Waiguru’s Wedding

Kenyans mocked and made fun of President Kenyatta over his recent remarks during the traditional wedding of Governor Anne Waiguru and lawyer Kamotho Waiganjo.

President had said,

“Kamotho I can guarantee you that you have married a wonderful girl. A hardworking, committed woman. I have worked with her before and she is committed to everything she has done… what’s now remaining is that you(Anne) now focus all your energies towards ensuring that Kamotho smiles every time he comes homes in the evening.”

Kenyans were wondering how the President knew how Waiguru was “a wonderful girl” who “is committed to everything” and what the word “everything” meant in the President’s statement. Maybe, that’s how deep the two are familiar to each other.


Waiguru’s ministry of devolution and planning bought goods and services at inflated prices during her first year in office. They bought 20 ball point pens for the Huduma Kenya secretariat at a cost of Sh174,000 — translating to Sh8,700 per pen. She had a state-of-the-art boardroom fitted with a Sh1.8 million touchscreen television.

The Directorate of Public Service Management and the Huduma Centre secretariat spent Sh1.27 billion to procure goods and services for the minister, Huduma centres and construction of bus parks in the two months that remained of the 2013/14 financial year when new government assumed power.

The ministry procured 32 boardroom chairs (medium black, swivel with arms, tilt and lock) for Ms Waiguru’s office at Sh508,000, according to the documents tabled in Parliament.

Waiguru’s office was also fitted with an executive boardroom table measuring 9 by 5.1m at a cost of Sh170,000, an executive credenza worth Sh39,000 and a high back executive orthopaedic mesh chair worth Sh49,000.

The ministry’s asset register for 2013/14 financial year shows Ms Waiguru’s department procured goods at prices that were way above the market range. Upto sh3.2 billion could not be accounted for.

The ministry acquired Adobe In-design CS6 software at a cost of Sh1.9 million.

Corel Draw 13 software for the Huduma Kenya secretariat cost the taxpayers a whopping Sh3.44 million.

Through the Directorate of Public Service Management, Ms Waiguru’s ministry procured 18 tailor-made clear male and female condom dispensers at a cost of Sh450,000.

The documents also indicate that the directorate procured a Yamaha Piano “for office use” at a cost of Sh235,900 in December 2013.

100 units of 4 Giga Bites (GB) flash disks for Huduma Kenya secretariat at Sh242,500 in November 2013 – meaning each of the 4GB flash disks cost the taxpayer Sh2,425 compared to a market price of less than Sh1,000.

Photocopier at Sh1.4 million, desktop computers at Sh1.2 million and hoovers at Sh250,000.

Partitioning of Barclays Plaza cost Waiguru Sh12 million, printing of the NMEs communication strategy documents cost her Sh2.5 million, storm water drainage (Sh100 million) and private virtual desktop infrastructure (Sh1.6 million).

Going round over these things are more harmful to ambitious Anne Waiguru, it’s time for her to clear her name from the NYS I scam if she is truly innocent.

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