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The scandal that necessitated the cabinet reshuffle in Narok county

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(Photo: Governor Samuel Kuntai Ole Tunai and CEC Morgan Meitamei Siloma)

There is more than meets the eye over the hurried reshuffling of the county executive committee members (CECs) at Narok County on the eve of Christmas last year. The reshuffling that saw a number of Governor Samuel Tunai’s close allies dropped from lucrative posts to dockets with lesser authority was not to be were it not for the events that happened days to the reshuffling, 254News has learnt.

So what could have transpired? Well, sources close to the powers that be in Narok county claim that there was a dangerous leak on how a section of County Executive committee members were allegedly embezzling funds that were meant for development forcing the Governor to crack the whip by making such drastic changes.

In his statement, Governor Tunai said that, his reason for reshuffling was to “enhance service delivery to the citizens of Narok county”

Expounding that, it was aiming at “enhancing optimal performance and accountability and implementation of county policies and programne of the county’s integrated development plan.”

Adding, “I wish to notify the general public that I have reshuffled the office holders of the county executive committee members and chief officers in accordance with the Constitution of Kenya Article 179 and the County Governments Act No. 17 of 2012 Part V section 35,” he said.

However, 254News has established that the good Governor was economical with the truth.

One key person in the reshuffling list is the powerful and all knowing Finance and Economic Planning CEC Morgan Meitamei Siloma who was moved to the Health and Sanitation docket with Julius Momposhi Tompo who is said to be a former banker with Transnational Bank, taking over from him. The rest suffered as a result of the sins of Siloma and for that reason, will not dwell over them.

Morgan Meitamei Siloma is one corrupt man that must have learnt the tricks of Governor Samuel Kuntai Ole Tunai.

Let me tell you how;

Before the advent of devolution when Kenya still had municipal and county councils, Narok County Council was the richest county council in the Republic of Kenya. This is because Narok County Council controlled all the revenue of the Maasai Mara and the spectacle that has become a modern wonder of the world, the wildebeast migration, an event which must happen by the amazing power of nature.

Narok County is still one of the richest counties in this country. Those on the know allege that Narok county is collecting billions from Maasai Mara and delivering them to the house on the hill.

In 2016, the Maa(Maasai) community held one of the most violent riots in Narok town against Governor Tunai and at least three Maasai Morans lost their lives. They were claiming that Governor Tunai allegedly started remitting Kshs.100,000,000 (one hundred million only) weekly to State House for no reason at all other than what could have been an agreement of two people. Instead of helping his people with the massive Maasai Mara revenue, he chose to please the gods. The Maa learnt of it and decided to face it.  Violently. The issue of employing people who are not from Maa community in his government was just but passing water.

“This massive corruption conduit between Narok County Government and State House stinks deep.” A source familiar to the happenings in Narok county wrote in a commentary awhile back.

This is what Senator Millicent Omanga must have gotten wind of, and within no time befriended the now CEC for Health and sanitation Mr Morgan Meitamei Siloma who was until December 25, 2019 was the Narok’s CEC Finance.

Every opportunity he got, he would release monies believed to be from corruption proceeds  to his new lover, Senator Omanga according to reports.

Sources say, Senator Omanga would then reciprocate the goodies by sleeping with Morgan Meitamei. It is during that period that Omanga’s sister Anita, started a lucrative business in Nairobi CBD.

It’s the same period that Inua Mama initiative members were landing in every county with Millicent Omanga solely providing gas cylinders that she would parade and sponsor in her social media pages.

Instead of Mr Siloma channeling the limited county resources to the Maa community for development purposes, he chose to invest on Senator Millicent Omanga. Truly, a Maasai is a Maasai.

Senator Millicent Omanga is said to be one of the luckiest leaders in Kenya. Not long ago, Deputy President William Ruto picked her from the streets where she was selling bedsheets and pillows and made her a non-executive director at Kenya Electricity Generating Company PLC, (KenGen). He would later nominate her to senate. It’s not clear whether or not her bedroom skills propelled these favours.

As if that is not enough, Omanga used her connections with powers that be in national government to revive her glass business that was already closing down. Those on the know claim that it is through stealing from Government coffers through tenders that returned her business to life.

You all remember that were it not for EACC Director Twalib Mbarak stopping payments of multi billion (4.8b) prison tender scam, a company linked to Senator Millicent Omanga would have sold gun slings for sh5000 each yet the market price is only sh200. This alone would have seen her becoming a multimillionaire.

But I digress.

Governor Samuel Ole Tunai should be the the last person to talk about corruption since he is corrupt and has benefited from the proceeds of corruption of his now demoted CEC For finance Morgan Meitamei Siloma.

Ole Tunai is said to be owning land larger than some of the 47 counties we have in Kenya. “As a matter of fact, his land is home to some wild animals including elephants” a source intimated.

A look at the Narok Referral Hospital reveals public toilets are in very disturbing conditions, the services offered does not match the allocation the facility receives.

Sources claim that Governor Tunoi recently submitted details of pending bills to Treasury and instead of settling the said bills after receiving monies from the treasury, he formed a committee to verify them again with an aim of embezzling these funds.

“The Auditor-General has put pending bills in Narok County at Sh1.9 billion and, as a county, we feel that some of these bills have been cleared and we put our figure at Sh1.1 billion. The new CECs will sit down with the committee I have appointed and the national government and reconcile these figures,” his statement hinting at the formation of such committee reads.

It’s evident that Governor Tunai has been all theft and no work and as such, his ambition to run for Kilgoris MP when his gubernatorial term ends has been resisted by residents of the constituency. This can be seen by lots of critism that he gets from this region.

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