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The number of COVID-19 victims spikes in Nakuru spreading worry in the county

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The world is currently reshaping itself with every country determined to rise from the pandemic ashes. Businesses are reopening, curfews are less stringent and some people even dare to walk around without masks. Some people are still under the impression that the disease is a myth while others feel that the numbers have been hyperbolic all this time. The other day when I was in town I saw a gaggle of kids doing secret handshakes. I wondered how many people will be shown that ‘super cool’ form of greeting by the end of the day or by the end of the week. The truth of the matter is, the fear that had gnawed at people’s bones when the pandemic started is dissipating and this has resulted to irresponsibility.

Samuel King’ori, the chief officer for public health, has noticed that people are no longer adhering to the social distancing advice and that the tradition of washing one’s hands with soap and water seems to have hit a brick wall.

Health officials in Nakuru have shared their worry concerning the heightened numbers of COVID-19 patients. Most of these critically ill patients are believed to have underlying health issues like diabetes and hypertension. The problem is, these people only seek medical attention when in critical condition therefore weakening their chances of survival.

A surveillance team was put in place to analyze these areas which have spiked cases in their hands. This is after the heightened COVID-19 cases in Nakuru within the past two weeks. The aim of this team is to gather information surrounding the infection rate because of the increased numbers of people only seeking medical succor when they are at their worst.

After 344 administered tests on September 27th, 57 people were found positive. There have been 10 reported admissions with 8 individuals being checked in the Rift Valley Provincial General Hospital and the other 2 being cared for at Nakuru Nursing Home. One of these two is in ICU undergoing treatments.

Six of those patients in Rift Valley Provincial Hospital are in severe critical states. They sought treatment when the disease had immensely advanced. This makes treatment difficult.

One patient who had been taken to Mercy Mission Hospital in Nakuru died from COVID-19 upon arrival.

The home-based care program seems quite effective so far. 47 patients are currently under this particular program.

Two COVID-19 centres, Langalanga and Bondeni Maternity, had been closed due to the drop in cases. They have now been reopened. The employees who had been sent on leave have been summoned back.

All in all there is great concern over the increasing cases in the county.

The pandemic is not over and it is our collective responsibility to ensure it does not drown us as it had.

Wash your hands, wear your masks and maintain the tradition of social distancing. It is for our own good.






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