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The MP behind anti Uhuru attacks Exposed

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(Dagoretti South MP John Kiarie and President Uhuru Kenyatta)

Dagoretti South MP John Kiarie, aka KJ, is the man behind the incessant and virulent attacks on President Kenyatta by the Tangatanga-leaning MPs from Central Kenya.

According to impeccable sources, KJ is Deputy President Ruto’s chief communication strategist and head of propaganda unit.

“KJ is the one who crafts the messages and press releases you see the likes of Moses Kuria and Alice Wahome spew in the media,” said an MP associated with Tangatanga who requested to remain anonymous.

According to this source, KJ is the man who came up with the phrase “President Kenyatta is the existential threat to Kenya” which was uttered in a press conference by Kandara MP Alice Wahome.

We have learnt that KJ is the boss of Ruto online army that includes Dennis Itumbi and Emmanuel Taalam.

KJ, a comedian turned politician, is a communication expert behind several award winning TV adverts.

Which is shocking to observers is how he has literally bitten the hands that fed him.
Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga is KJ’s godfather and is the one who brought him into national limelight when he caked him against the then Dagorreti South MP Beth Mugo.

With his legendary use-and-dump tactics, KJ jumped ship to President Kenyatta’s side in order to win the parliamentary seat.
The lure of Ruto’s millions has now turned KJ against his political mentors-Raila and Kenyatta.

Word has it that Mr KJ is allegedly radicalising youths to do bad things in the constituency after he conspired with the police to offer protection to these youths. For how long are the residents of dagoretti south going to suffer under the watch of Hon John kiarie.

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