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The most important lesson for Graduates

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I attended a lecture by one of my favourite lecturers, Dr Kefa Bosire of the University of Nairobi’s School of Pharmacy. What was meant to be a tutorial on Quality Control of Herbal Medicines turned out to be one of the most important and useful lectures I have ever attended.

Below is a summary of what I learnt and found relevant to share:

1. When you graduate, be the most humble professional ever and learn from even the lowest cadres in you profession. You do not know everything.

2. Your degree is nothing compared to the experience others have gained from the field. Respect and listen to them.

3. Your act of diligence may be arrogance to others. Do not board the train of professional arrogance. It will not take you anywhere.

4. If you are going to make a difference and touch people’s lives, start by being humble.

5. You do not know enough. No one does. Learn to listen.

6. Schooling and education is a failed project. Just that it kept you busy and in a protected environment.

7. Your degree offers no protection. You will be harassed, conned, threatened, cheated and manipulated. The degree will not earn you respect. You will be treated according to your personality.

8. Life is a deep sea with no island. Every day is a struggle. You may do it by swimming or gliding. But whichever way, you must survive.

9. School destroys creativity and the freedom to think, imagine, believe and act. Old men and women in the village who did not go to school tend to be very wise and creative.

And when you finally decide to start a family, remember…

1. A clean home is the best hospital.

2. The best care is at home. And the best medicine is in the kitchen.

3. Most diseases in a house start in the kitchen; not in the toilet.

4. The first pharmacy is in your kitchen. If the kitchen fails, the next to follow is sunlight and air. If this fails, see a doctor.

5. Pursue good nutrition and walk a lot.

6. Pursue natural and manual ways of life. It will keep you healthy.

7. Build a house with a good toilet. The most peaceful time is when you visit the toilet.

8. Have little attachment to material things and titles. You will have a peaceful life.

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