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The money hungry Eliud Owalo should give us a break

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For some time now, we have been treated to a lot of fictitious debatable theories by one Eliud Owalo, a sellout whose success can only be measured in terms of the money he collected from William Ruto in 2013 after leaking key strategies of the then CORD Coalition.

The man who destroyed Kenya’s dream by selling campaign secrets in 2013 will be the worst thing that happens to the people of Kibra who were and still are the most hit by Owalo’s greed. The hearsays by Raila’s haters notwithstanding, Owalo is a man of theories whose purported experience cannot be traced to anything worth mentioning in any way. Who said one needed the irrelevant experience Owalo has to make a good leader?

After quitting ODM Party more than ten times, we thank God Owalo finally quit. Kibra is not the place for settling political scores. Owalo was given an opportunity by ODM Party as the CORD Campaign Manager but went for Ruto’s ill-gotten wealth by ensuring his party won the presidency and that informed the decision to sack him.

Lest we forget that to date CORD Coalition agents for the presidential election are yet to get their dues despite the fact that the millions were availed and put at the disposal of one Owalo for the said exercise.

Owalo is a fraud to say the least because if he had the guts to embezzle the millions meant for the agents, what will stop him from continuing his primitive energy and appetite? If Owalo cares about the plight of the poor as he so claims, then why did he loot money meant for recruitment and payments of agents?

The ODM faithful in Kibra can forget everything but not the callous Owalo, a Ruto puppet who has been brought into the picture to divide the Luo votes and give undue advantage to another Ruto lackey and sympathizer in the name of Mariga, a semi-literate pseudo celebrity who thinks that for one to give back to the society, the same society must first give them a job. What a poor excuse of a person!?

The Kibra by-election comes at a time when many wheeler-dealers who masqueraded as leaders in the last election are running up and down in their offices perfecting the art of looting and not living up to the promises they made during campaigns. Known conmen like Owalo must be left with rotten eggs on their faces until such a time that they shall come clean on why they chose money over the slum dwellers who continue to wallow in abject poverty.

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