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The Maasai/Luo/Kalenjin of Kenya, the Acholi and Langi of Uganda and the South Sudanese

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The Maasai/Luo/Kalenjin of Kenya, the Acholi and Langi of Uganda and the South Sudanese:

On the left of accompanying collage is Adut Akech Bior, and she is an Australian of South Sudanese origin, just like President Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. is an American of Kenyan origin. On the right of the accompanying collage is Kenya’s Lupita Nyong’o, the 2nd African in history to be awarded an Oscar/Academy Award (the 1st African was actually Charlize Theron, a White South African), though Lupita is indeed the first Black African in history to be awarded an Oscar/Academy Award.
Adut on the left and Lupita on the right look so alike, right? And with good reason, because they are related and share the same blood i.e. the South Sudanese are Luos, which Lupita is i.e. a Luo, and Luos are South Sudanese. Akech i.e. Adut’s middle name, and/or Oketch/Okech, are even Luo names. President Barack Obama’s father i.e. Barack Hussein Obama, Sr., was also a Luo.
The legend goes that the Maasais, Luos and Kalenjins of Kenya were once a single community about 4,000 years ago in Egypt, a single community that comprised the bulk of a special military unit of the Egyptian Monarch/King/Queen back in those days i.e. Pharaoh.
The Maa/Luo/Kalenjin however fell out bitterly with Pharaoh, and left Egypt, first moving to Bar-el-Ghazal in Sudan, where they settled for about 1,000 years.
After about 1,000 years, the legend goes, they migrated further south to the regions we today know as Western Kenya/Eastern Uganda, where they made abode.
There were bitter internal disagreements in the community leading to a split into three of the once singular community i.e. into what we today know as the Luo community (Lake Nilotes), the Maa community (Plain Nilotes), and the Kalenjin community (Highland Nilotes). This was about 2,500 years ago, going by the legend.
The Acholi and Langi of Uganda are also related to the Maa/Luo/Kalenjin of Kenya and to the South Sudanese.
In ancient times i.e. during the time and reign of the Egyptian Empire, Pharaoh often sought the assistance of South Sudanese warriors/troops/mercenaries, during times of major conflict like e.g. when the Egyptians fought the Greeks or the Romans, so it does indeed appear accurate that the Maa, the Luo, and the Kalenjin of Kenya, the South Sudanese, and the Acholi and Langi of Uganda, were once a special military unit of Pharaoh.
There also once existed an ancient Empire in Sudan known as Kush, and Kush and Egypt had a love-hate relationship, sometimes at war, and at other times brought together by “handshakes”/”Building Bridges Initiatives (BBI).”
There even once existed the Egyptian-Nubian Empire of Kush/Sudan and Egypt, and there were even in those times Black Pharaohs/South Sudanese Pharaohs/Maa Pharaohs/Luo Pharaohs/Kalenjin Pharaohs/Langi Pharaohs/Acholi Pharaohs, such as Kashta, Piye, Tantamani and Queen Shanakhdakheto.
There are even Maas/Luos/Kalenjins of Kenya, Acholis and Langis of Uganda and South Sudanese who today in 2021 joke that “we have tasted power, we have been in big things,” and that President Barack Obama was just “salad” or “ice cream” compared to “the big things” we presided over centuries ago.
Looking today at Maas/Luos/Kalenjins of Kenya, Acholis and Langis of Uganda and the South Sudanese, one would laugh at you if you said they were once an Empire. Looking today too however at Greece, Mongolia, Egypt, Italy, Turkey, Macedonia, Britain, Portugal and Arab countries like Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Iran and Yemen, one would equally laugh at you if you said that they too were also once Empires.
We shall rise again in Africa as a whole, not just in East Africa, even if not in our time…