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The incompetent Lake Basin Chairman Odoyo Owidi joins oppressors in Homa Bay

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The incompetent Lake Basin board chairman Odoyo Owidi has joined the team of oppressors in Homa Bay led by Isaiah Ogwe for gurbernatorial race.

Over the weekend, Mr Odoyo Owidi, brother to the late Hon Peter Owidi (larger Kabondo-Kasipul) launched a scathing attack on individuals considering to run for Homa Bay county gubernatorial post saying the leadership of Homa Bay will remain in Karachuonyo even beyond 2022. He urged the those interested in the county top seat from other regions making Homa Bay county to consider going for other positions such as woman rep, senator and the County Exacutive members(ministers) positions.

When you’re doubting what sycophancy can do then visit Homa Bay county where no development is taking place. Only looting competition is evidenced.

“I’m surprised, as we are looking for “able” leaders, those entitled to shed light with leadership qualities still swaying us to the good old days that have cost us today’s development.” A source observed.

The boastful Odoyo Owidi who brags with GK number plate vehicle in Kasipul constituency is a good for nothing man who lives from hand to mouth, has no investment and stable income record other than brokerage. In 2013 when he vied for Kasipul constituency Parliamentary seat he got less than 2,000 votes but he is always disguising himself as the best that has ever happened to the people of Kasipul. To this egocentric and self-centered man, others come second.

Were it not for the philanthropic nature of former Nairobi county Governor Evans Kidero who bought him an apartment located in Lavington at a cost of sh9 million, Odoyo Owidi would still be living in rentals while sitting at Chester house the whole day waiting for allowances from Lake Basin Development Authority which is only Sh20,000 per every sitting. It is the joy of owning his first legal property in Nairobi that made him a YES man around Kidero as he is part of the team that made Kidero lose his re-election. Other than getting property from the good hearted Kidero, Odoyo wanted to con him further by lying to him that he was the ODM party’s preferred candidate for Kasipul constituency in 2017, realizing his cunning and conning traits, Kidero dismissed him.

Before joining Kidero, Odoyo was accused of grabbing houses belonging to Kikuyus and shamelessly earning rent from them to date. This he allegedly did with the blessings of his late brother Engineer Peter Odoyo who was the then MP of the larger Kabondo-Kasipul constituency.

Odoyo has now taken his desperation to Isaiah Ogwe, the plunderer and looter in chief of Homa Bay county resources. Ogwe is serving as county secretary and is already campaigning to be the Homa Bay county boss. It’s said all the looting of Homa Bay county resources has his blessings.

Odoyo is also using his position as the lake basin development Authority board chairman to broker deals in all the tenders that are awarded with this government entity and part of the loot he is using for early campaigns. He is one man who would go with government vehicle every corner of the Kasipul constituency with the windows of his GK vehicle wide open to intimidate and show his villagers how life is good to him these days.

The government vehicle Odoyo Owidi is bragging with in the village

This man is so selfish that not a single development project from the lake basin has ever been seen nor heard of in the entire Kasipul constituency where he hails from. He is good at giving small handouts at the expense of changing people’s lives. Odoyo would rather brag to the locals on how he has managed to open the scandalous lake basin mall than sink a water point for the starving community. It is on record that there is no single person including from his own clan whose life he has ever touched.

His friends say that he has taken the lake basin development Authority board chairmanship job as full time job when in real sense he should only be seen during the board meetings which takes place like twice or once a month.

“Owidi only thinks with his stomach, anybody who can offer him money be it little or more, he will go” a source privy to his dealings told 254News.

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