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The hot tenacious comb went through the mess of tangled knots. The bespectacled girl with the bushy brown hair squirmed in her swiveling seat and blinked her forming tears back profusely. The hair stylist cringed in disconcertment and pure disgust; he kept muttering disapproving French words under his breath. Both could easily have given up but who would have dared to upset the Queen of Genovia? The instructions were simple; turn my mundane granddaughter into an extraordinary princess. This was not an expression, the quirky girl with the glasses, braces and dull bushy hair had regal blood flowing in her veins. The fact that she wasn’t born into the royal life meant that she had to do some major life changes so as to fit in her new role. One of them included a scalp tugging session that ended up giving her migraines for a week. Still, even she couldn’t help but awe with her audience when the stylist finally finished the hair assault. The transformation was enormous; bushy knotted brown hair was now straight and auburn complimented with a light sheen. Amelia Thermopolis had taken a bold painful step towards royalty.

Who knew hair carried so much weight?
Meghan Markle was not exactly ordinary before her engagement to Prince Harry.

She was already a flourished actress in Hollywood having played major roles over the years. She appeared in multiple films; Remember Me (2010), The Candidate (2010), Dater’s Handbook (2016), When Spark’s Fly (2014), Deceit (2006), The Apostles (2008) etc. Her biggest role, however, was in the USA Network legal drama series ‘Suits’ where Meghan played the role of Racheal Zane for six years. The fans of the show journeyed with her throughout the series, celebrating her victories (like when she finally moved from being a paralegal to an attorney). The show amassed a colossal of new fans after Prince Harry’s engagement announcement; people were curious to know more about the new Duchess of Sussex.

This couple exited the royal family eight months ago. Since then fans have been wondering what their next move in life will be. On Wednesday last week they got their answer. Meghan and Prince Harry have signed a massive production deal with Netflix amounting to $150 million. People globally found this news exciting as fans of Meghan Markle began rooting for her to rekindle her acting career particularly her role in ‘Suits’.

This enormous deal was apparently unknown to the Queen. The former Duke and Duchess did not inform her of it; she heard the news at the same time everyone else did.

Well, that must have stung.

Let’s see what precisely this couple will be doing with Netflix, the Queen’s reaction to the news and whether Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will be appearing on our screens.

The former Sussexes starting their own production company.

According to ‘New York Times’, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have signed a multiyear deal with Netflix and on top of this, they have founded their own production company which according to sources has no name yet. Personally, I would recommend they brand their new company as ‘Royal productions’ but it doesn’t sound quite original does it?

The couple is aiming to produce informative yet hopeful content that is holistic. Their focus will mainly be on documentaries, docu-series, feature films, scripted television shows and children’s programming. They want to create entertaining content that can be guzzled down by families as a whole. According to the couple, choosing Netflix as a streaming platform was a no brainer.

During the interview they said, “Netflix’s unprecedented reach will help us share impactful content that unlocks action.” Netflix is known for its massive audience reach and frankly everyone who is making films in this era wants their content to be featured on Netflix.

Ted Sarandos, Netflix’s co-chief executive and chief content told the publication that “We’re incredibly proud they have chosen Netflix as their creative home and are excited about telling stories with them that can help build resilience and increase understanding for audiences everywhere.”

Well, we can’t wait to see what these two are capable of behind the camera!
Queen’s reaction regarding the news
There is something potent about Queens. History has painted them as gallant, witty and tenacious in their leadership. Game of Thrones supported this perception of women in power. Well, after the news of Meghan and Prince Harry starting their own production company, a royal source revealed that the Queen had been clueless about this deal. This news sparked mixed reactions amidst people. Was the Queen mad at the couple for not sharing the news? Was she proud that they had made this move? Had she been really blind sighted or was this just a hoax?

The royal source winded up addressing people’s suspicions. In an exclusive interview, the source said that the Queen was indeed oblivious and that she found out about the Netflix deal at the same time the public did. The Queen pointed out that she is very much aware of royals investing in lucrative projects. She gave an example of Prince Edward’s production fail.

According to the royal source, the Queen emphasized that the Royals are not for sale and danger lurks around the high-profile roles outside the institution itself. The source went on to say that even if the Queen did not approve of this deal, she recognizes that she could not have done much if she had known about it before the public announcement.

In short, the Queen was mad about the news and the fact that she had not known about it earlier. She is not at all proud of this move because she does not approve of it and yes, she was blind sighted which was probably smart because she would have fought the idea to the bone. Still, there is little she can do about the deal now. What she did hint at is that she is aware of her grandson’s goal driven demeanor and she applauds it.

Are Meghan and Prince Harry going to appear on screen?

In April this year, Meghan Markle played the role of the narrator in the Disney Plus documentary ‘Elephant’. This was a cause of excitement as fans immediately began speculating her return on screen. Meghan, however, is said to be focusing fully on her producing role. This means that she will be mostly behind the screen rather than on it. Experts say that if at all she wanted some on screen time, voice over roles would do her much justice. They also believe that Meghan can make a successful comeback in Hollywood while using her new role to elevate and raise awareness of the charities she is particularly interested in.

Prince Harry has been active lately with multiple TV projects under his wing. One of these projects is, ‘Rising Phoenix’ which made its debut on Netflix last week. This particular project is close to Prince Harry’s heart. It tells of the origin story of the Paralympic games. Turns out Prince Harry created a similar sporting competition in 2014, ‘The Invictus Games’ which is a game played by wounded or injured military personnel. He also recently guest starred in a film known as ‘Thomas and Friends’. Last year, he announced plans to co-produce a mental health documentary series alongside Oprah for Apple. We do not know much about its progress but it gives us a feel of what Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will be producing in the near future.

The fact that they left the royal family and are starting their own empire in the film industry shows us how bold and driven these two are.

The Former Duke and Duchess of Sussex announce their $150 million netflix production deal

Say, ‘Empire’ could make a good name for their company, right? Still, it doesn’t sound original. What would you suggest they call it? I vote ‘Archie’; there is nothing as compelling as naming your new company after your baby.

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